Fix iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo Problem

Fix iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo Problem

September 3, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    I know you are a iPhone lover. So it can be happened with you! Because many iPhone users faced this problem. What’s the problem? You just turned off your iPhone. After sometimes or few hours, You turned on iPhone and found its stuck at apple logo!!! I know it’s a nightmare. So we need to know the solution. Today i’ll give you the solution to fix iPhone stuck at apple logo problem. But before knowing the solution, we need to know the reasons of this problem.

    How To Fix iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo Problem

    Why iPhone stuck at Apple Logo Problem:

    If you use a fresh and original fully paid iPhone, you have less chance to face this nightmare. Because most of the times this stuck apple logo problem comes from the Jailbreak. It means you or anyone tried to jailbreak your iPhone. That’s why you are facing this problem. So i don’t recommend to jailbreak iPhone. So Please, be honest.

    How To Fix iPhone stuck at Apple Logo Problem:

    It’s very simple process. Lets know the steps-

    1. Turn Off iPhone: First of all, turn off your iPhone. You need to turn it on again. When it completely turned on, press and hold the Sleep/Off Button + Home Button. Hold it until it’s turning off again.

    2. Turn On iPhone: Now turn on your phone again. When you are turning on the iPhone, hold the Sleep/Off Button+ Volume Up Button.

    3. Release The Sleep Button: As soon as you see the apple logo, release the sleep button. But keep holding the Volume Up Button. Hopefully, you will discover problem is solved.

    4. Keep It Alone: Release the volume of button when you find it OK. You just solved the stuck logo problem. But you have keep it alone for 20-30 minutes. Don’t use it before that time.

    If you face this problem again, just return your device to apple and let them fix it.

    And if you have any further question, please feel free to comment.