How to fix Lexmark printer errors in Windows

How to fix Lexmark printer errors in Windows

September 27, 2018 By kirsten

    When you upgrade to a newer operating system, often old devices, especially printers, might not work. This is exactly the issue that many Windows 8.1 users who were using Lexmark printer have complained. In fact, many users thought buying a new printer was the only solution to their problem and so promptly bought a new printer. However, that’s not really the case. You can have your old Lexmark printer work with windows 8.1. Here are the solutions to common Lexmark printer errors in Windows 8.1 and their solutions.

    Note: Lexmark is not providing support for some of its printers, especially older models, in Windows 10. So if you have upgraded to Windows 10 and find your Lexmark printer is not working, you should first speak to someone at Lexmark. If the company is not providing support for your printer in Windows 10, you really have no other option than purchase a new printer.

    Fix Lexmark printer communication problems

    Users have complained about their printer having communication problems after their switchover to Windows 8.1. This error is because of printer drivers not working properly. Reinstalling the Lexmark printer doesn’t help. The error persists even after that. You will need to perform the steps listed here to fix the issue once and for all.

    1. Disconnect the printer from your pc
    2. Hover the mouse on the lower right-hand side corner of your screen and move it upwards to open the Charm bar
    3. First click Search and then type device manager
    4. Go through the search results and locate and click Device Manager to open the Device Manager window
    5. Click Devices+Printers
    6. Right click Lexmark Printer and choose Remove
    7. Go to the Control Pane, select Administrative Tools, and then Services
    8. Check the list to locate Print Spooler
    9. Double-click Print Spooler and then click Stop
    10. Remove each and every Lexmark software
    11. Restart Windows
    12. Perform the aforementioned steps again to stop the Printer Spooler once more
    13. Right-click the Setup file and click properties
    14. Go to the Compatibility box and tick the Compatibility mode box
    15. Choose the Windows version with which your printer worked fine.
    16. Click OK.
    17. Run the installation and just follow the instructions on your screen

    Now the printer spooler service will start on its own and you should not face any problem while printing.

    Printer is not working after the upgrade

    You are most likely to experience this issue because of corrupt drivers. Perform the steps listed ahead to resolve the issue:

    1. Disconnect the printer
    2. Open the search box and type control panel
    3. Click Control Panel in the list of results
    4. Click Device Manager
    5. Go to the Lexmark Printer entry, and if it has a yellow exclamation mark against it, right click it and choose uninstall
    6. Restart Windows
    7. Connect your printer to the PC
    8. Windows will detect your printer and automatically find and install suitable drivers