Netflix Error n8109 – How to Fix

Netflix Error n8109 – How to Fix

September 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Netflix is popular around the world. Specially, Movie & TV Show lovers like netflix so much. But sometimes, You may face some problems with it. If you try to watch anything in netflix from your Windows PC or Mac, You may encounter an error. That is error n8109.

    Anyway, In this article, You will know how to fix error n8109. Let’s know some possible methods to fix it.

    How to Fix Netflix Error n8109:

    Normally, This error may occur because of Silverlight plugin problem. Corrupted cookies also may occur error n8109. Anyway, These are the possible ways to fix error n8109.

    Method 1: Clearing Browser Cookies

    As error n8109 may occur because of cookies, I’ll suggest you to clear your browser cookies. To do it-

    • Go to your browser Setting.
    • Then go to History. There you will see option for clearing cookies. For Google Chrome, Go to Settings > History. Then you will see, Clear browsing data option. Click on that and check Cookies and other site and plugin data. Then click Clear browsing data. Don’t forget to clear from the beginning of time. For Mozilla Firefox, Go to History > Show All History. Then clear everything.
    • After clearing cookies, Restart your browser.
    • Now you should not face error n8109.

    Method 2: Using CCleaner or Similar Apps

    There are many programs like ccleaner. You can use ccleaner or any of these apps to scan your PC and fix problems.

    Method 3: Reinstalling Silverlight Plugin

    I already mentioned that this netflix error may be caused by corrupted silverlight plugin. So, It is a good idea to reinstall silverlight plugin. To do it –

    • Uninstall Silverlight Plugin. You can easily uninstall like other programs.
    • Then install it again. To install it click here.
    • After installing Silverlight plugin, Restart your PC.
    • Then check, If you face the error again.

    I hope, Any of these methods will fix netflix error n8109.