Fix Netflix SSL Connection Error (HTTPS Warning)

Fix Netflix SSL Connection Error (HTTPS Warning)

August 16, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Netflix is the most popular premium movie and tv shows streaming site. Millions of users are watching movies from it everyday. You can access Netflix from TV, Smartphone, Tab, XBox, PlayStation and your laptop or desktop. If you often access netflix from PC, You might hear about some common netflix errors. SSL error is one of them. You may get HTTPS warning while accessing This SSL connection error can be seen more in google chrome than other browsers. Probably, You are the one who is looking for the solution. Actually, It is very easy to fix. I will discuss it in this article.

    netflix ssl error - https warning

    Reasons Behind Netflix HTTPS Warning:

    Actually it is very tough to provide you the 100% correct answer. But, This error may be caused by these things –

    • Probably netflix updated their SSL certificates recently.
    • Any of your browser extensions or addons causing problem.
    • You have just changed your network or updated your PC which may also cause this problem.

    If the ssl error comes from the netflix server, Then you won’t have anything to do. But, Any things of your PC is the reason, You have chance to get rid of this problem.

    How to Fix Netflix HTTP Warning – SSL Connection Error:

    It is very easy to fix. You can follow these methods.

    Method 1: Clear SSL State

    Most of the time, Clearing SSL state works. I fixed netflix ssl error by this way. To do it, Follow these instructions –

    • Navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet.
    • Now click on Internet Options.

    internet properties clear ssl state windows

    • Go to Content tab and click on Clear SSL State.
    • Now, Restart Google Chrome or other browser and try to access

    I hope, This method will fix your problem.

    Method 2: Try from Incognito Mode

    First method should work. But, If that disappoints you, I would like to suggest you this method. Just try to access netflix in incognito mode from your browser. If you see it is working, You should be sure there is something wrong with any of your plugins or addons. Try to deactivate all and activate one by one to find out the culprit. Then remove it.

    Method 3: Use Netflix From App

    If none of the methods resolve the problem, You can try from another browser or official netflix app. Windows 10 PC has a great netflix app. You can download it from windows store. SSL error problem is very common in chrome. So, You can choose Edge, Firefox or Opera to stream netflix video.