How to Fix NMI HARDWARE FAILURE Blue Screen Error

How to Fix NMI HARDWARE FAILURE Blue Screen Error

September 24, 2018 By alberto

    You may encounter blue screen of death error on Windows anytime. In this post, You will know about the ways to fix NMI hardware failure BSOD error.

    Like other stop errors, it can appear anytime and also can create restart loop on your PC. If you are a Windows 10 user, you have a chance to encounter this error. Sometimes, This BSOD shows additional error codes like Stop Code: 0x00000080, 0x80 or anything else. You also may see an additional driver or file names like hal.dll or something else.

    NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE can be a result of hardware or driver conflicts. Other critical system issues also can create this problem. But, Fortunately, you can repair this error very quickly.

    Fix NMI HARDWARE FAILURE on Windows 10

    As this problem is related to the hardware installed on your PC, you have particular methods to fix it. If you can’t access Windows normally, try the troubleshooting techniques in safe mode. Here are they-

    Solution 1: Update All Drivers

    To fix NMI hardware failure, updating drivers should be your first step. In most of the times, it works like a charm. You can update drivers from Windows Device Manager manually or use driver booster to update automatically. By the way, You can read this article to know how to update drivers.

    After doing it, restart your PC. You should no longer reencounter that blue screen of death.

    Solution 2: Uninstall Recently Installed Hardware

    Sometimes, Users may encounter NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE after installing new hardware and driver on their PC. It happens more when users install incompatible hardware. In this case, You can disconnect the device and uninstall the driver to see if it helps. After that, Contact with the hardware manufacturer support or visit their website for additional information.

    Solution 3: Run Clean Boot and Disable Third-party Software

    For some users, This blue screen error occurs for some third-party programs like antivirus or firewalls. In this case, You can disable these your antivirus and firewall to see if it fixes the problem. Additionally, You can perform the clean boot. It will help you to understand if any third-party programs or services are causing the problem or not.

    Solution 4: Check for Memory Problem

    You can run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to check for the memory problem. If you find any, take steps to fix them. It also may solve NMI Hardware Failure problem.

    Last Method:

    Still having this error? You can take steps to update BIOS. It may work. But, The best thing you can do is analyzing minidump file. It will help to identify the actual reason and fix NMI hardware failure error.

    There may be other methods. But, Let me know which way has worked for you.