Fix Microsoft Office Installation Error 30174-8 (1392)

Fix Microsoft Office Installation Error 30174-8 (1392)

August 17, 2018 By kirsten

    Microsoft Office is definitely an awesome choice for home users, small business owners or any persons who need similar programs and services. It is very easy to install. But, There are many users who are encountering error 30174-8 (1392) while installing MS office. It may come temporarily. For some users it is happening repeatedly. Specially, During installing Office 365, 2016 or 2013, This problem is annoying more. Usually, This issue appears with following message “Sorry, We ran into a problem” and stops installation process. So, It is urgent to know the ways to fix error 30174-8. Before it, You should know the reasons behind it.

    Screenshot: Microsoft Office Installation Error 30174-8 (1392)

    Why Error 30174-8:

    This error can be caused by following things –

    • Security software like antivirus, firewall etc.
    • Previously installed office (Incomplete).
    • Proxy settings.
    • Problematic office installation file.

    Else, Other third-party apps o services may cause it.

    How to Fix Error 30174-8 (1392) While Installing MS Office:

    It is really an easy task. You can fix it if you know the reasons behind it that i mentioned above. Anyway, Here are the solutions.

    Disable Antivirus and Firewall:

    Disabling your antivirus and firewall can help. Sometimes, Your firewall or antivirus may block or cause problem to the installation process of MS Office. In that case, Stopping these programs to function temporarily can help you to get rid of error 30174-8. So, Just try it.

    Check Your Proxy Settings:

    You should check your proxy settings. If you find it enabled, Just disable it. Here are the procedures.

    • At first, Navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options.
    • Now, You will see the internet options window where you will have to click on Connections tab.

    LAN Automatically Detect Settings

    • Then click on LAN Settings.
    • Just check on Automatically detect settings. Rest of the things should be unmarked.

    After doing it, You will need to restart your PC. Then try to install MS office by downloading the installer from I hope, You won’t encounter that error again.

    Uninstall Previously Incomplete Office Installation:

    Sometimes, Previously incomplete office installation may cause this problem. In that case, Completely removing that can fix Microsoft Office installation error 30174-8. To do it, You will have to follow these things:

    • End OfficeClickToRun.EXE and any other office installation related process from Task manager. You can press CTRL + ALT + Delete from keyboard. It will open Task Manager in Windows Vista, 7. But in Windows 8 and 10, You will have to click on task manager to open it. You also can right click on task bar and select task manager to open it. Anyway, In process tab, You will see above mentioned processes. Just right click on it and choose End task.
    • Now, Download a tool from here: and run it to remove office completely.
    • Now, Try to install again and see if you are still encountering office installation error 30174-8 (1392).

    If none of these help you, Just follow next methods.

    Try Offline Installer to Fix MS Office Error 30174-8:

    Okay, This problem is mostly seen in online installer. So, You can try offline installer to get rid of it. To do it –

    • Go to and click on Install.
    • Now, Click on Language and install options.
    • Then go to Additional install options.
    downloading ms office offline installer

    Screenshot: Downloading Offline MS Office Installer. Image Credit: Hasibul Kabir/XtremeRain. Click for Enlarged View

    • Now, You will get the option Download offline installer. Just click on it and start downloading.
    • After doing it, Install again and see you have “fixed office installation error 30174-8″.

    Try from Clean Boot State:

    You have many programs in your PC. So, You are not sure which service(s) are causing problem to MS Office installation. In that case, Installing from clean boot environment can resolve office error 30174-8 (1392). You can read: How to do clean boot.

    I hope, This article will be helpful for you. Please let me know, If you have any other question related to it 🙂