How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area [Solved]


Sometimes Windows users may face some terrible blue screen problems. These are the nightmare for them. Most desktop and laptop users are using windows as their primary operating system. “Page fault in nonpaged” area is a terrible BSOD that appears on both desktop and laptop. Previously, I’ve already shared the solutions of DPC watchdog violation error. Today, I’ll give you some cool ways to fix Page fault in nonpaged area.

It’s an annoying problem. Usually, It appears temporarily and gets fixed by an automatic restart. But if this problem seems frequently, this will be a big issue. It is terrible news that some users are encountering page fault in nonpaged area within a minute of booting up. As a result, They are experiencing terrible restart loop problem. Especially, Recent windows 10 build users and some 8 / 8.1 users are facing this error more. Though, It can be seen in windows 7, Vista even XP.

Users may see error codes like STOP: 0X00000050STOP: 0x50 etc. with this BSOD. But, Some users reported they saw driver name like ntfs.sys or a name like ntoskrnl.exe when this blue screen error appears. To fix this issue, You won’t need to follow different solutions for these error codes.

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Reasons Behind Page Fault In Nonpaged Area:

It is tough to identify which program or thing is causing this problem. But, It is quite sure why this issue appears. Before troubleshooting any problem, You should know a bit detailed about it. Because Knowing the actual reasons can make it easy to “fix page fault in nonpaged area.”

In your RAM, There is a place called nonpaged area. You know, Your PC may use a small part of the hard disk as the alternative of RAM when actual RAM is handling too much data. That part of hard drive and RAM always swap page files between them. But, Nonpaged area is always safe from it, and it should be. Because It contains the always required data that should not be moved or modified. Some third-party programs, antivirus like Norton, AVG, Avast which may have access in nonpaged area. They may corrupt or altered any data of that area. When your system fails to find its required data in nonpaged area, Windows shows your the error “Page_fault_in_Nonpaged_Area” in blue screen. Again hardware or driver problem may cause this problem. Any faulty RAM stick also can be responsible for this BSOD error.

The Bad Effect:

For this problem, system restore may not work. Even system may become crashed frequently. You may lose your valuable data. Some hardware may not work correctly. And you may not be able to access Windows PC completely.

How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows 10, 8, 7:

Uninstalling recently installed or updated drivers or Updating windows and all of its drivers can cure your PC of this BSOD. But it is not the only solution. To fix page fault in nonpaged area, You may need to go through some advanced ways. Here they are.

Method 1: Last Known Good Configuration

First of all, Restart your PC. When your PC is booting up, You will see the black screen with white text. It’s the first stage. At this stage press F8 key on your keyboard and hold it. Now you will see Windows Advance Options Menu. Select Last Known Good Configuration and press enter. Your PC will be restart automatically. It will stop page fault in nonpaged area temporarily.

Note: In Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, You have to enable F8 key function manually. To learn how to enable F8 key, Read this article: Enable F8 Key. If you want to boot into safe mode in Windows 10 easily, Here is the solution: Boot Into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Last know good configuration to Fix Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

Method 2: Disable Memory Cache

Restart your PC again. This time press F12 at the first stage of booting. F12 is not root function key for all PC. F2 and F10 may be root function key for some PCs. So you may have to press F2 or F10 button instead of F12. Anyway, After pressing F12,  You will see some setting. Find and disable Memory Cache. Now Save this configuration and exit. After doing it, You may think you almost fixed page fault in nonpaged area error. But there is another step in hand. Follow step 3.

Method 3: Run chkdsk to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area

After restarting your PC, Press Windows Logo+R on your keyboard and type “chkdsk /f /r C:” and press enter. Your PC will find and fix the hard-drive problem. If you face page fault in nonpaged area error for disk drive’s fault, this step will fix it.

These 3 steps will fix page fault in nonpaged area blue screen error of your Windows and prevent it from coming back.

Particular Solutions of  Page Fault In Nonpaged Area for Latest Windows 10, 8 Builds:

Above methods apply to any versions of windows. But, Here are some methods you can try to solve this blue screen error in modern operating systems.

Method 1: Disable Automatic Paging

Go to Computer Properties > Advanced System settings > Performance Setting. Click on Advance tab. Then click on Change. Now uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Now click on OK. It may solve page fault in nonpaged area blue screen error.

Note: Some users may not be able to disable automatic paging. In that case, They will need to follow other solutions to fix page fault in nonpaged area.

Method 2: Uninstall / Disable or Update

Sometimes this nonpaged area BSOD is caused by corrupted drivers. In this case, You have to update/ disable/ uninstall/ reinstall drivers.

  • To do this, Go to Control Panel>Device Manager. You also can open RUN and type devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open windows device manager.
  • Now, Right click on the drivers with yellow exclamation sign. Click on Update Driver Software… and follow the instructions.
  • If it fails, You can uninstall or disable it.
  • If you have the latest drivers software, You can install it. For more details, You can visit your PC manufacturer’s website and download most recent drivers.

Method 3: Fixing RAM Problems

The memory problem is probably another reason. So, To fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows PC, You can check for your RAM problems by Running Windows Memory Diagnostic.

How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area

If there is any problem with your RAM. Turn off your PC. Now disconnect the RAM stick and connect it again correctly. Hopefully it will fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area blue screen error. You also may read this article for more RAM fixes.

Analyze Small Memory Dumps to Fix Page Fault in NonPaged Area:

In fact, It is a perfect way to fix any blue screen problem. If you find any driver name related to this error, You can roll back / Update or Upgrade / Reinstall or Remove that driver. It should fix this BSOD. But at first, You will need to configure your PC to create small memory dump. Then you will be able to analyze it. I’ve written another article where I gave clear instructions how you can find out which drivers or services are causing page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. You can read: Analyze Minidump and Fix BSOD. In fact, it is the best way to resolve any kinds of BSOD error.

Fix If Page Fault in NonPaged Area Appears Right After Opening PC:

Note: Sometimes, You may not be able to follow my instructions as this nonpaged area blue screen of death appear after a few seconds of your PC startup. In that case, I always recommend you to boot into safe mode and follow my instructions. Especially, This minidump method. For your better experience, I’m giving a shortcut instructions:

  • When you are in lock screen, Click on Power Button. It will open three options, Restart, Shutdown, and Sleep.
  • Press and hold shift key from keyboard and click on Restart. Don’t release shift key until any changes. You may see “please wait” or something else.
  • Then, Wait for a few seconds. You will be in a new window where you will need to click on Troubleshot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings.
  • Now, It should restart your PC.
  • After restarting, You will have basic options for safe mode.
  • In safe mode, configure your PC to create small minidump and then restart again.
  • It will bring you to normal boot mode. When you face page fault in nonpaged area again, Your PC will create a small minidump file.
  • Then, You will have to boot into safe mode again.
  • Open dump file in blue screen viewer. I’ve explained what is this in the article i mentioned above.
  • It will highlight the driver or services that caused a problem on your PC.
  • Then, It will be easy for you to fix your problem.

If you don’t understand your dump file, You can post it to Microsoft Answer Forum. Any moderator will help you. I believe, In case, You are not successful with other solutions, This method will work and fix page fault in nonpaged area.

Last Methods:

If none of these works, You can try fixing corrupted windows system files. Sometimes, It works. To learn how you will do it, Read this article: Repair Corrupted System Files

Yes, It is possible that all method may fail. In that case, I suggest you to try to replace your RAM stick with new one and see if it does help.

I hope, This article will be helpful to troubleshoot Page Fault In nonpaged Area problem. If you have any question, ask me by the comment.