Fix Payment method and Windows region don’t match Problem

Fix Payment method and Windows region don’t match Problem

September 14, 2018 By kirsten

    You may know that latest windows store doesn’t allow payment methods from different regions. It means, If your payment method region and windows PC or mobile region are not same, You won’t be able to purchase anything from store. But, Some users are facing unexpected problems for it. Several windows 10 users have reported they can’t purchase anything though their credit / debit card or paypal account region is same as windows region. It is really a great frustrating matter. When they try to buy anything from store, It shows the following error “The region for your payment method and your Windows region don’t match”. It also tells a basic way to fix the problem. That is –

    The region for your payment method and your Windows region don’t match. The simplest way to fix it is to use a payment method from your Windows region. Or, change your Windows region. Go to Settings > Time & language > Region & Language. Note: If you change your Windows region, your previous digital purchases may not work.

    windows store payment region problem

    Possible Ways to Fix The region for your payment method and your Windows region don’t match:

    First of all, You should check your windows region and correct it. Make sure your payment method is from the same region as windows. If these things are OK and you are still facing the problem, Follow these methods.

    Disable Third-Party Antivirus and Firewall:

    Some antivirus comes with multiple security module that may cause this types of problem. So, Disable these security programs. Now, Enable only Windows Firewall. Then restart your PC and try to purchase your product from store.

    Sign Out and Create Local Account:

    If previous efforts fail, You can do following things.

    • You can sign out your Microsoft Account from windows 10 PC.
    • Then create a new local account and login your PC.
    • Now, Open Windows Store and login via your MS account.
    • I hope, This time you should not face mismatch region problem.

    If you still fail, Follow next ways.

    Correct Microsoft and Skype Account Region:

    You also should check your Microsoft and Skype account region. Here are the instructions:

    You also should change skype region from skype app installed in your PC. I found one person in microsoft support forum, Who could fix “The region for your payment method and your Windows region don’t match” by correcting skype region.

    Use Different MS Account:

    This is the last method you can try. If none of the methods work, Follow these things.

    • Signout and login by a new Microsoft Account.
    • Open Command Prompt and type wsreset and hit Enter. It will reset Windows Store Cache.
    • Now, Open store and login by your new account.
    • Try to purchase any app by adding payment method and see what happens.

    If it does not work, I’ve no more methods to suggest you. You can follow this thread from our forum. If i find any working solution, I will post it there and also update this article.

    I know how frustrating this problem is. MS can’t recognize your payment method properly or it has its own weakness. That’s the reason you are facing payment method and windows region mismatch problem. Above methods are not perfect solution. These may work for a very few users. You can join our forum and follow that thread. If you have any good solution, You are welcome to share.