Fix Photoshop has Encountered a Problem with the Display Driver

Fix Photoshop has Encountered a Problem with the Display Driver

September 28, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Many users experience issues with modern versions of Adobe Photoshop. Especially, “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver” or similar problems have become very common to some users. Now, You will get some instructions and suggestions to get rid of these problems.

    Photoshop has Encountered a Problem with the Display Driver

    The modern versions of Adobe Photoshop are resource hungry. As a result, Old and low-end PC users face some common issues. As there is no nearly good alternative of Photoshop, people are still using it even after encountering problems related to display drivers or slow startup.

    The latest version of photoshop is really awesome. But, Some people have reported that they often face a problem “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver”. In fact, This is not a very new issue. But, It has become a very common error especially for the latest Photoshop CC 2018 users. Personally, I encountered it in one of my laptops in past. In my case, the photoshop version was CC 2015. When you encounter this problem, the following message like the screenshot may appear right after opening the application.

    Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver, and has temporarily disabled enhancements which use the graphics hardware.

    Sometimes, The last part of that message can be appeared as “and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements”. It is a good thing for the users that they can easily fix this problem. Now, You will know how to do it. As the problem is related to graphic card, i will focus on it more in troubleshooting steps.

    How to Fix Photoshop has Encountered a Problem with the Display Driver:

    This problem occurs in PCs with both onboard Intel HD or dedicated graphics cards like AMD and NVIDIA. You can easily fix it by following these methods.

    1. Update Graphics Card Driver:

    This problem may occur when photoshop finds a problem with graphics card driver. It can be an incompatibility issue. So, I recommend you to try updating graphics card driver to fix photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver.

    If you have Intel HD graphics, You should get updated driver with windows update. If not, try to update it manually. But, If you have AMD or NVIDIA, You also can update it by downloading the latest driver pack. Here are download links.



    After downloading, Just run the downloaded file. It will automatically remove the older version and install the new one.

    However, You can update all of your PC drivers in a hassle free way by using Driver Booster. I often recommend it to my readers and fans. This will help you to resolve photoshop GPU enhancement disabled issue.

    2. Install Photoshop in System Drive:

    Okay, I know that most of you have installed photoshop on your system drive (Basically, Local disk C) where Windows is installed. But, Some peoples may have installed it in a different location. In that case, Photoshop problem with video drivers is pretty common. So, If it is possible, Try to install it in local disk C and see, if it fixes photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver.

    3. Change or Free up Scratch Disk Space:

    Probably, It is weird. But, It’s true that freeing up disk space of photoshop scratch disk can fix this problem. You can find it from Edit > Preferences > Scratch Disk in adobe photoshop. Go there and see which one is your scratch disk. Normally, It should be local disk C (System Driver), If you have a single partition. If it has low disk space, Try to clean it. Here are instructions.

    • First of all, Open Start Menu and type cleanup. You should see Disk Cleanup. Just open it.
    • Now, Select the disk drive (Which is being used as a scratch disk) and click on OK.
    • Then, Follow next onscreen instructions.

    You also can optimize your disk space. I’ve already published a guide to do it more effectively. Read: Free Up Disk Space Easily.

    4. Stop Using Graphics Processor:

    If everything fails, You can stop using GPU for enhancements in photoshop. To do it, Follow these things:

    photoshop use graphics processor tweak

    • At first, Simply, Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Performance.
    • Now, Uncheck Use Graphic Processor.

    It will remove photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver from being appeared. But, If you want to use GPU for improvements, It is not actually a good solution.

    5. Try Using latest Version of Photoshop:

    You should check if your photoshop is up to date or not. In outdated software, You may encounter so many issues. So, Try to update or upgrade your photoshop software. Keeping photoshop up to date can resolve many issues like “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver”.

    6. Or Use the Old Version:

    If you have an old or low powerful PC, you may try to install an old version of photoshop. This may sometimes work.

    7. Upgrade GPU:

    This can be an unexpected suggestion to some users. But, If you want to use adobe photoshop with enhancements feature, you may have to consider a dedicated GPU if you don’t have one. You also may need to upgrade your extremely old GPU. Because the problem “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver” is not commonly seen in computers with a good and modern graphics card.