Fix Google Play Store Blank – White Screen Problem

Fix Google Play Store Blank – White Screen Problem

August 16, 2018 By kirsten

    Google play store is the official source of android apps that is managed by Google. Almost every android smartphones and tabs come with this store pre-installed. But several android phone/tab users are complaining a problem. They can’t find or install any app from it. Because, Play store only shows a blank white screen even the device is connected to high speed internet. It is mostly seen in Samsung galaxy and several other less popular smartphones. By the way, It is really important to fix that error.

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    How to Fix Play Store White Blank Screen Problem:

    Actually, It is really easy to get rid of this problem. I will introduce several solutions. Any of them should work for you. It depends on many things. Before starting the troubleshooting steps, I recommend you to check if you have a good internet connection.

    Clear Cache, Data and Force Stop:

    Corrupted cache and data can cause any types of android problems. So, Before starting main troubleshooting process, I always recommend everyone to try it.

    • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Tap on Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data.
    • Do same to Google Play Framework and Services.

    After doing it, You can relaunch play store and see if you are still encountering the blank screen problem.

    Uninstall Google Play Updates:

    Sometimes, Latest play store update can be problematic for your device. In that case, You can uninstall its updates to see if it remove the white blank screen problem.

    • First of all, Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Now, Tap on Uninstall Updates.

    After doing this process, You will no longer face white screen issue, If the problem is related to the latest update.

    Check for Your Phone’s/Tab’s Software Update:

    May be the problem you are facing in your device is a known issue. So, Software update may be available which will fix it. That’s why, I recommend you to –

    • Navigate to Settings > About.
    • Tap on Software Updates.
    • Now, See if there is any updates available.

    After updating your phone, You may get relief from this play store white screen problem.

    Disable or Uninstall Any Performance Booster and Security Software:

    Sometimes security and performance booster software can cause any types of issues in your phone. Because, They work in background and automatically kill many tasks that is necessary for your device. If you have such apps, You can temporarily disable them or uninstall them completely. Then check, If it fixes play store white screen problem.

    Disable Proxy and VPN:

    If you have enabled VPN or proxy in your phone, Try to disable it. There are many apps that can connect you to VPN or proxy network during startup of android phone. You can uninstall that app.

    Alternative Ways to Fix Play Store Blank Screen Problem:

    In 90% times, First two method must work. But, Sometimes, You can be unlucky person to have none of them worked. In that case, You can remove your google account from your phone and add a new one. Then see if it works. If if disappoint you, Just reset your phone. But, Don’t forget to backup your valuable data.