Fix Google Play Store Connection Timed Out Problem

Fix Google Play Store Connection Timed Out Problem

October 7, 2018 By kirsten

    Connection issues are common for any platforms. It can be your mobile phone, tab or your computer. But, Sometimes it can ruin your day. When you face “Connection Timed Out” problem in google play store, You won’t be able to install any app from there. This article is for android users who frequently face this problem. To fix play store connection timed out problem, I’ll introduce several methods.

    Normally, This types of problems occur when your android phone or tab go through some connectivity problems. It can be due to wrong proxy settings, VPN, incorrect date & time etc. Corrupted cache and data also can cause this no connection issue.

    How to Fix Google Play Store Connection Timed Out Problem:

    Sometimes this problem show different message like “No Connection – Retry”. Whatever it is, Troubleshooting methods are. Here are the most common methods that can help you to get rid of this play store connection timed out problem.

    1. Correct Time & Date Settings

    If you continuously face this problem, Try to check your time & date settings. Sometimes, Wrong settings can cause some connectivity problems. To check these settings –

    • At first, Navigate to Settings > Date & Time.
    • Now, Correct your time settings. You can set settings to automatic. If it shows wrong time & date, Just correct everything manually.

    After doing it, Open play store and check if it fixes our problem.

    2. Clear Play Store Cache to Fix Connection Timed Out Problem

    Actually, Clearing cache is the common way to resolve many android and play store related errors. As corrupted cache can restrict any app to run normally, We should clear it. If this is the reason behind play store no connection problem, This will definitely fix it. To clear cache –

    • First of all, Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Then, Tap on Clear Cache & Clear Data.

    3.  Disable VPN and Proxy:

    In PC or Mobile, VPN and Proxy may create some problems, When these don’t work correctly. If you are using VPN or Proxy, Try to disable it. It may fix google play store connection timed out issue.

    4. Change DNS:

    In most cases, Connection problems are created by DNS issues. In that case, Changing android DNS settings can resolve problems. To do it –

    • Simply, Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
    • Now, Press and hold on the Wi-Fi connection you are currently connected and tap on Modify network.

    • Scroll down and check Advanced Options.
    • Now, Choose Static from the IP Settings.

    • Then, Set your DNS as 8.8.8. and or something else you prefer.
    • Reconnect to Wi-Fi and see, If it “fixes google play store connection timed out” error.

    5. Uninstall Play Store Updates:

    Probably, The latest update of play store doesn’t go through expected ways. It can be a reason of encountering problem like no connection – retry or connection timed out. In that case, Restoring it to its factory version can help. Here are instructions.

    • First of all, Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Now, Tap on Uninstall Updates.

    6. Try from Different Network:

    Sometimes, Your internet provider problems can be the reason behind this problem. In that case, I recommend you to try from different network. If play store works without any problem in another network, Contact your ISP or reconfigure your router correctly to fix google play store connection timed out problem.

    7. Re-Add Google Account:

    Actually, First 6 methods are enough. But, If you still encounter this problem, Try re-adding your google account.

    • Just go to Settings > Accounts > Google.
    • Now, Remove your existing account and restart your phone.
    • Then, Try to add google account again.
    • Now, See, If it resolves play store connection timed out issue.

    8. Wipe Cache Partition:

    Wiping cache partition may work for you. To do it, You will need to boot into recovery mode. Here are instructions.

    • Turn Off your Phone.
    • Press and hold Power Button + Vol up + Vol down button. Different phone may have different way to do it. So, Try searching on google, Before doing it.
    • Now, You will see advanced options. Choose Boot into recovery mode.
    • Then, Select and process Wipe cache partition.

    I hope, It will fix play store connectivity errors.

    Alternative Solutions to Fix Google Play Store Connection Timed Out Problem

    • In many forums, Many people suggest to reinstall google play store. If it is possible, You can try to.
    • You also can reset app preferences. Just, Go to Settings > Apps and tap on three dots. Then tap on reset app preferences.
    • If nothing works, You may reset your android phone to fix play store connection timed out issue. But, Backup your data before doing it.

    I hope, This article will be helpful for you. You can add your recommended method in comment box or ask any question.