How to Fix Google Play Store Error 11 in Android

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 11 in Android

October 2, 2018 By kirsten

    You may encounter various errors while installing or updating app from play store. It is nothing new. But, Nowadays, Peoples are facing error 11 more frequently. Specially, During installing and updating android apps like facebook, messenger, whatsapp etc., Users are experiencing this problem more. But, I’ll try to help you to fix play store error 11 in your android phone.

    Normally, This error shows similar messages like below.

    “App name” can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code -11)

    Normally, A simple retrying installation or update even a simple reboot can resolve this problem. But, These are not a perfect solution.

    How to Fix Play Store Error 11 in Android:

    This problem is not a critical one. You can solve this by following similar methods that you used before to fix other play store errors. But, Please make sure, Your time & date, time zone and region settings are correct. Because, Misconfiguration of these things may cause this problem. You also should check if that app is compatible with your android version. Because, Recently, Many developers have stopped supporting their apps for older android specially below 4.0 or 4.4 versions. So, You should check all these things. Anyway, To fix error 11, You should follow these things.

    Force Stop and Clear Cache & Data:

    First of all, I want you to try this method. It will work for most google play related error. You will just clean cache and date of play store. Here are detailed instructions.

    • At first, Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Tap on Clear Cache, Clear Data and Force Stop.
    • Do the same thing for Google Play Services, Download Manager, Downloads and the app you are going to update or install.
    • After doing it, Check if it has helped to fix google play error 11.

    Update or Rollback Play Store:

    Sometimes, The official play store app may need to update. Outdated version can be a reason behind app installation / update error 11. So, Check for its update and see if it fixes the problem. Another thing can be happened. The most recent play store update may not go through right way. As a result, You may experience several problems. So, You can uninstall the updates from it and see if help you to fix error 11.

    • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Now, Tap on Uninstall Updates.

    Check for Phone Software Update:

    Sometimes, This type of problems can be a known issue for your devices or android version. So, You can check for latest software update and get it. It will fix common bugs as well as “fix play store error 11”. To check for software version update, Follow these things.

    • At first, Go to Settings > About > Software Update.
    • Now, Your phone should check for latest software update. If there is any available update, Install it in your phone or tab.
    • After restarting, You should no longer face that problem.

    Re-Add or Use Different Google Account:

    Sometimes, You may need to re-add your google account or try from a different google account. Many peoples have claimed it worked surprisingly. Here are the things to do –

    • At first, Go to Settings > Accounts > Google.
    • Now, Tap on the three dots or similar button and choose Remove.
    • Restart your phone.
    • Again go to same location and add same or different google account.
    • It should fix play store error code 11.

    Clear Dalvik cache:

    Another solution that may work. But, It may require root access to your phone. Here are the things to do.

    • Download and install a root browser from play store.
    • Open it and Go to Data > davlik-cache.
    • Clear everything from this directory.
    • Now, Reboot your device and try installing your desired android app.
    • I hope, It will resolve play store error 11.

    Wipe Cache Partition:

    To do this, You will need to access recovery mode. Different phone may have different ways to access recovery environment. But, These are quite similar. Wiping cache partition can fix many play store problems like error 11. Here are instructions for HTC phone.

    • Power off your phone.
    • Press and hold Power + Volume Down button.
    • After your phone is turned on, You will find option name select boot loader or similar to this. Just select it. This will restart your phone. You can navigate it using vol up/down key. To select any item press power button.
    • Now, You should see boot into recovery mode option. Just select it.
    • For HTC users, It may show you red warning sign. Press and hold power button and tap on vol up button shortly.
    • You should see new options. Release power button.
    • Now, Select wipe cache partition.
    • Restart your phone and see, If it solves error code 11.

    These are the most working solution for your problem. If you know anything else that may help other users to fix play store error 11, You can share it in comment box.