How to Fix App Download Error 400 in Google Play

How to Fix App Download Error 400 in Google Play

September 3, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are many google play store errors peoples are encountering every moments. I’ve shared some of them with solutions. You can find them in this blog. During downloading app from play store, You may see a message like “App Name could not be downloaded due to an error 400“. You also may see this message “Unknown error code during application install: -400“. Don’t worry! Most of the time, This is only caused by external reasons. In this article, I’ll explain how to fix this error.

    Screenshot error 400 android play store

    What Causes Error Code 400 on Android:

    Error code 400 is definitely a network connection related error. But it also may caused by internal bugs. Anyway, Here are the reasons behind it –

    1. Internet Connection Problem (Slow internet, Ping loss etc.).
    2. Outdated android version or latest android version with bugs.
    3. Corrupted cache and data.
    4. Outdated Google Play.

    Steps to Fix App could not be downloaded due to an error 400:

    This error code deosn’t only appear during app installation. But in this article, We will discuss only about app installation problem. Here are the methods, How you can fix error code 400.

    Method 1: Cancel Download and Restart Android

    After starting downloading app from play store, When you face this problem, You can cancel download and restart you phone. In many cases it may help you to avoid error -400.

    Method 2: Check Internet Connection and Use Different Network

    As this problem can be caused by slow or weak internet connection problem, It is always recommended to check your connection speed and also check how stable it is. Because, Data loss may bring this error before you. If you find your connection is slow and you can reconnect to internet. Then try installing the app again. If it still fails, I would like to suggest you to download app by using different wi-fi zone or cellular network and see if it helps. It will definately work, If your problem is caused by slow connection.

    Method 3: Clear Proxy

    Due to security or bad proxy server performance, You may face error 400 during download apps. So, if you are a proxy user, You should clear it and try from the original network. To do it –

    • Navigate to Settings > Mobile Data.
    • Then select your Sim network and then tap on Access point names.
    • Now, Tap on the APN name that you are using and then go to Proxy.
    • Delete the proxy server address and save it.
    • Restart your device and try to install app from google play again.

    I hope, This time, You won’t encounter error code 400 again.

    Method 4: Clear Google Play Cache and Data

    This is another recommended method to resolve that problem. To do it –

    • Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Find Google Play Store and tap on it.
    • Now, Tap on Clear Data and Cache.
    • Do same thing for google play framework.
    • Restart your phone and see if it helps.

    Method 5: Uninstall Google Play Updates to Fix Error 400

    Sometimes, Recent update of play store may have some issues. As a result, It can be the reason behind this problem. If you notice that, You have started facing this error right after updating play store, Just rollback it to previous version. To do it –

    • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Tap on Uninstall Updates.
    • Restart your phone and try to install app from play store.
    • Then see if it solves the error 400.

    Method 6: Check for Latest Software Updates of Android

    Sometimes, Any error may become a known issue with any version of android. In that case, Google releases a new software update which fixes many problems including that common one. Personally, This update fixes my error 400. To do it –

    • First of all, Navigate to Settings > About > Software Updates
    • It should automatically check for updates. If not, Tap on Check Now.
    • Update your phone and restart it.
    • I hope, It will help you to get rid of the error 400 during installing android app.

    Last methods to Fix Unknown Error Code 400:

    If none of the above steps help you, You can re-add your google account and see if it works. If not, Then you can reset your phone. But it is always recommended to take a backup before resetting any smartphones.