How to Fix Pokemon Go Crashes and Save Battery

How to Fix Pokemon Go Crashes and Save Battery

September 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Are you an avid Pokemon fan? Well, you can now enjoy the perks of being one and owning a smartphone through Pokemon Go! A new app created by Nintendo developers, you are now able to have your dreams come true with you being able to become your own Pokemon trainer. With the Pokemon Go app, you are able to go around your area in search for different types of Pokemon, looking for legendary Pokemon to capture and battle it off with different Pokemon trainers around the area. The app has got tons of cool features you are able to enjoy and be entertained with. You are not only able to capture and battle Pokemon, you can even build gyms and host your own battles. But what if the app crashes for some reason? In this article, we show you how to save power and fix server errors if it crashes.

    Fix Pokemon Go Crashes - Blue blank map

    How to Fix Pokemon Go Crashes and Play w Server Errors

    There will be times that Pokemon Go crashes due to the many people using the app. It is unfortunate, especially if you are in the midst of a legendary Pokemon you’ve got to catch! But crashes may be inevitable, and it may be due to server errors, your phone not being able to handle the app, or just out of plain bad luck. Fortunately, you can still save it and cure your phone from these Pokemon Go crashes! Here is how:

    1. You can try to exit the app for a few seconds, then go back to it again. Go to the Home Screen of your smartphone and explore the different apps or let it rest for a bit. Then go back to the app by tapping it. Hopefully, the loading area will show and you can start playing again.
    1. If it is a bug from the servers causing it to crash, then it’s time to reboot the bug and report it to the developers for them to fix it on their latest update. You will need to exit or force quit Pokemon Go from your taskbar and start the game again in order to fix the crash.

    How to Save Power on Pokemon Go

    You probably know that upon playing the Pokemon Go app, I’s a huge battery drainer! You are using GPS with high end graphics playing, which causes your battery to drain faster than usual. While it may be a frustrating situation, there are ways on how you will be able to remedy that and save your battery when playing Pokemon Go. Here are some tips on how to save power when playing Pokemon Go:

    1. Turn down your screen brightness from Settings, and if you can live without it, minimize the sounds and vibrations as well.

    adjusting iphone auto brightness

    1. Turn of AR (Augmented Reality). The AR opens up your Camera app, which makes it a huge battery drainer. It may be sad not to be able to see your Pokemon on top of your kitchen counter, but if you want to catch more Pokemon, you’ve got to save on power and turn it off, where you can save a LOT of power and still catch Pokemon in the long run.
    2. If push comes to shove and you are still wasting a lot of battery power, then it’s best to invest on a battery case. It isn’t cheap, but it will definitely prevent your phone from draining battery, especially if you’re one who’s always outside without a plug in sight! You can also opt for a Powerbank for emergencies where you need to charge after a long game.

    Hopefully, these tips will help you save battery and fix crashes when playing Pokemon Go. If the problem still persists and your battery is draining quickly or you are still suffering from crashes, then it’s best to report it to the developers or have your phone checked for any hardware malfunction.