How to Fix Prisma Camera not Available Problem

How to Fix Prisma Camera not Available Problem

September 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Right now, Prisma is the most popular photo editing app for smartphones. Millions of peoples are using it everyday. It was only available for iOS. Prisma Labs has released it in google play store recently. But, Android users are facing several problems with this app like prisma over capacity or slow performance, camera problem etc. Specially, Camera not available problem has become worst nowadays. Personally, I faced this problem several times. When you face this problem, You can see the following error message –

    "It seems that Prisma can't get access to your camera. Please try, try to load images from gallery or come back later".

    It will be really a disturbing issue, If you face this problem not available prisma screenshot

    How to Fix Camera not Available Problem in Prisma:

    If you are looking for solutions, You can follow these methods. But before getting started, I must recommend you to make sure that there are no apps are minimized while using prisma app. Specially, You should not run any app in background which uses camera. I’m not sure, But it may cause the problem.

    Method 1: Relaunch Prisma

    It is a shortcut temporary way to fix the problem, If prisma can’t detect your camera. You can restart this app, When you face this problem. If it doesn’t help, Follow next ways.

    Method 2: Checking Permissions

    If you are using Android 6.0 or later version, You probably have the ability to tweak permission settings for any app. So, You should check, If you have disable camera access for prisma by mistake. To do it –

    • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Prisma.
    • Now, Tap on Permissions.
    • If you see camera access is not allowed for Prisma, Try to enable it.
    • Now, Relaunch the app and see if it fixes the camera is not available problem.

    Method 3: Force Stop, Clear Cache and Date to Fix Prisma Camera Problem

    This is another way that may work for you. Here are the things to do –

    • Just go to Settings > Apps > Prisma.
    • Tap on Force Stop.
    • Then again tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
    • Now, Open the Prisma app and see if it still shows a blank black screen and the error message or not.

    Method 4: Update or Reinstall the App

    This is actually the last method, If the camera not available problem belongs to this app. There are several known bugs of Prisma. Because, It is a new comer in the market. Developers are still working on several issues. So, You should check for the app update and complete update immediately. Then see the effects. If it still disappoints you, I must suggest you to reinstall it. I hope, It will work.

    Method 5: A Weird Way to Fix Prisma Camera not Available Issue

    Probably, This method seems funny. But, I i could temporarily fix my problem by doing these things –

    • Tap on Settings button on Prisma.
    • Change some settings like Turn on or off – Add watermark, Save original photos, Save artworks automatically etc and go back to the app.
    • Now, If you are lucky, You can see your camera is working in prisma.
    • You also can tap on camera switch button several times, If it is visible.

    Hope, These method will help you. But, I can’t give you guarantee. Because, Prisma app in android or iOS is too much buggy.

    What to Do, If Everything fails to Fix Prisma App Camera not Available Error:

    Sometimes, Camera problem may not belong to any single app. It may be an issue of your smartphone or camera device. So, You should check, If other apps which use camera are working properly or not. It is a good idea to check your camera app too. If you find your camera device or smartphone is problematic, You can try to fix it by yourself or by taking help from expert.