How to Solve Prisma Running slow or Over Capacity

How to Solve Prisma Running slow or Over Capacity

September 11, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Are you someone who is taking advantages of prisma photo editing app on your iOS or Android devices? Then you can face some errors like slow performance or over capacity. It’s a photo filtering app that uses artificial intelligence.  So, it alters your photo to its maximum effect. Nowadays, there is a trend over social networking sites, people are sharing prisma editing photos.

    prisma over capacity problem screenshoot

    Sometimes, it takes a long time to load different filters like 10 seconds or more for each one. It is much long when you’re trying two or three dozen different filters for your one photo.  Except taking time over capacity or running slow error is something so annoying for you.

    Fix Prisma running Slow Or Over Capacity Error

    Before knowing the solution to fix prisma running slow or over capacity error you should know how prisma works and why it is over capacity?

    How It Works:

    Prisma suggests perfect filter as per your photo by using artificial intelligence. Afterwards it analyzes the elements added in, extract and redraws the pictures. To provide high qualified deep learning to you, its brain is kept on one of a cloud’s server. So, it doesn’t overlay photo on your phone. Instead of doing it, this app uploads the picture on the server and makes the changes to turn your photo into art. Then it again saves the photo on your device again.

    Why Prisma Over Capacity Error:

    A lot of people are using Prisma editing app on their android phone after it releases. This is the reason that bogged down the company’s server. So, you might have seen the pop-up message prisma is over capacity. There are too many people are using prisma right now. Please wait a moment and try again. As this app has higher demand of popularity so the servers are finding difficulty to co-operate with the users.

    Why does Prisma Run Slowly?

    It can be slow when so many people are using or trying to use it at once. It is like Pokemon Go of the photo app right now. So, they should need to add more servers as they are getting more users. Keeping aside prisma’s servers problems, this requires your device to be online. So, if you have a slow connection, weak network or data, you’re going to suffer at the end as it will take more time to add filters to your photos.

     Tips to Make Prisma Work faster:

    1. Get Faster and Stronger Network:

    Cellular data or Wi-Fi network, whatever you’re using you’ll need strong network connection to filter your photos. When you’re on a patchy Wi-Fi network, you must switch to LTE. It will solve the prisma running issue somehow.

    1. Don’t Switch to Another Home Screen:

    While creating artwork if you go to another screen or home screen, the processing of prisma will be freeze and you’ll have to reload the filters to continue. So, it’s better not to switch to other screen to prevent its slow running.

    1. Avoid Multi-Tasking On the Device:

    Whether it’s an Android or iOS device you mustn’t working on so many apps during prisma is processing your photos. It’s not that fun for you, if you have to wait for much longer to add one filter.

    1. Stops Heavy Data Programs in the Background:

    Do you love to work with streaming song or roaming over the net? Well, streaming music or downloading big updates for the phone while trying to load filters makes the process slower. So, you can stop them while loading filters.

    1. Do As The App Say:

    There many times you may see prisma isn’t working. It happens mostly for overloaded servers. So you have nothing left to do without following the app’s advice- “Please wait a moment and try again.”

    Sometimes, when you see the app is not loading anymore it’s better to wait than restarting the app.  Otherwise you’ve to start all the procedures from the starting. Let us know other methods in the comment box if you’ve win over the struggling of prisma anyhow.