September 5, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Stop errors in windows are also known as blue screen of death. Sometimes, These may interrupt you badly. So, You need to have clear idea how to fix them. “PROCESS1 INITIALIZATION FAILED” is a common BSOD error. In windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or even in windows 10, It can be worst and stop you to do anything in your PC. Sometimes, User may see some error codes these given below.

    screenshot Process1 initialization failed

    Stop: 0X0000006B (0xC0000102, 0X00000002, 0X0000000, 0x0000000)

    Stop: 0x6B

    We must know the way to fix process1 initialization failed. But, At first, We will know what can cause this error. This stop error occurs because of the problematic drivers, third-party program conflicts, hardware incompatibility, memory problem etc. That means the reasons are quite similar to other BSODs.

    How to Fix Process1 initialization failed Stop Error in Windows:

    You can easily resolve this problem by following a few methods. But, Please, If you can’t do anything for process1_initialization_failed in your PC, You may need to follow my suggestions in safe mode with networking. Here are they.

    Disable or Uninstall Antivirus:

    It’s your antivirus or any security programs which may cause this type of errors. So, As a first solution, You can disable or remove antivirus temporarily to check if it fixes process1_initialization_failed.

    Check for Windows and Drivers Update:

    When any of your current driver software is incompatible or outdated, It can produce so many problems including this BSOD. So, You should check for latest driver software updates. Sometimes, The windows build you are currently using may have some problems that create this stop error. Microsoft may have already released an update that has fixed process1 initialization failed error. So, You should check for windows update.

    • If you are using windows 10, You can go to Settings > Update & Security and then click on Check for updates.
    • Windows Vista, 7, 8.* users can do it from Control Panel > System and Security.

    Delete bootcat.cache to Fix Process1_initialization_failed:

    Sometimes, Users may encounter this error for corrupted bootcat.cache file. User may encounter this blue screen error during startup. In that case, You can boot into safe mode and follow these things.

    • Go to C:\Windows\System32\CodeIntegrity this location and find bootcat.cache.
    • Then delete or rename it.
    • Now, Restart your computer and see if it fixes process1 initialization failed.

    Run chkdsk Command:

    You can do it from both normal or safe mode. You will just to run this command from command prompt with administrator rights.

    • At first, Right click on Start and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now, Type the following command and hit enter.

    chkdsk /f /r C

    • You may need to press Y and hit enter.
    • Restart your PC. It will resolve disk related problems that was causing BSOD. So, You can expect it can “fix process1 initialization failed”.

    Disable Secure Boot to Resolve Process1 Initialization Failed:

    Well, Here i have nothing specific to describe. According to some users, Disabling secure boot feature has solved this blue screen error. To know how you can disable secure boot, You can visit your PC or motherboard manufacturer website or check user manual. If you are lucky, You may find it fixes process1 initialization failed.

    System Restore / Reset / Refresh:

    Probably, It is the last method i can suggest you. When you fail to get everything normal, You can try system restore. If it fails, You can decide to reset or refresh windows.

    I always wish, You will fix process1 initialization failed easily. Even, You may know any better solution that i don’t know. You are welcome to share it by comment.