Fix The System Image Restore Failed – Parameter Incorrect / BIOS-UEFI

Fix The System Image Restore Failed – Parameter Incorrect / BIOS-UEFI

November 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When you try to restore a system from an image backup, you may see a failure message. Now, You will know how to fix the system image restore failed for incorrect parameter or BIOS/EFI.

    System Image Restore Failed - Parameter is Incorrect (0x80070057)

    Many users take image backup to prevent data loss in the future. But, If you can’t restore from that backup, it will make you frustrated. By the way, When the restore operation fails, users may see two type of messages. Here are they:

    The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057)


    Windows cannot restore a system image to a computer that has a different firmware. The system image was created on a computer using BIOS and this computer is using EFI.

    There may be some reasons behind this failure. Incorrect file system format or corrupted image file is the common reason. But, There are also some solutions to get rid of this problem.

    How to Fix System Image Restore Failed – Parameter is Incorrect (0x80070057):

    It has the particular solution when you see the error code 0x80070057 and a message “The parameter is incorrect.” However, To fix this issue, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Open Command Prompt from Advanced Options

    At first, You will need to boot your PC in recovery mode and go to Advanced Options. You can do it in different ways. If you have access to Windows, You can press on shift and hold, then click on Restart button. It will lead you to recovery window. From there, Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options. Now, You will find Command Prompt. Click on it to open.

    You also can use windows installation media or bootable image disc to go to Advanced options.

    Step 2: Clean Disk

    Probably, There is a problem with the disk where you want to restore the system image. In this case, cleaning that disc can help. There are a few commands which can do it quickly. Here are the things, you will need to follow.

    In the command prompt, type these commands and hit enter for each.

    list disk
    select disk x

    Here, ‘X’ is disk number. After executing the list disk command, you will see a list of discs like Disk 0, disk 1, disk 2, etc. You will need to replace X with 0, 1, 2 or anything else according to the disk number where you want to restore the system image backup.

    After doing these things, exist command prompt, restart your computer.

    Step 3: Restore

    After doing above things, you can try to restore the system image backup. Hopefully, It will fix the parameter is incorrect (0x80070057).

    System Image Restore Failed - BIOS/EFI

    How to Fix System Image Restore Failed – BIOS/EFI:

    It is a widespread problem that users often encounter. It happens when you created the backup from a computer using BIOS and want to restore it on a PC that is using UEFI or vice-versa. The solution is straightforward. You will need to change the BIOS settings from legacy to BIOS or vice-versa.

    I mean, If the image restore is saying that your PC is using EFI, change the boot mode to BIOS/Legacy. If it is telling your PC is using BIOS, change the boot mode to UEFI. Different PC comes with various features. But, Here are the basic instructions to do it.

    • After switching on the Power Button of your PC, it will show which buttons to press to go to UEFI/BIOS dashboard. Just press that button. F10, F2, F12 are the common keys.
    • In BIOS dashboard, find the relevant settings and modify it according to your preference.

    For more details, you can visit your motherboard manufacturers website.

    I hope these tips will help you to fix system image restore fails because of BIOS/UEFI mismatch or incorrect parameter.

    If you know any better solution, you can share it with us in the comment box.