How To Fix Runtime Error 217 in Windows

How To Fix Runtime Error 217 in Windows

September 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are so many problems PC users are facing everyday. Runtime errors are very common among them. Specially, Runtime error 217 can annoy you anytime while doing your important work on your PC. It occurs when you try to run any application or software in your computer. Normally, It comes by showing a dialogue box with a message like this “Runtime error 217 at 004026F4”. We are lucky that there are several options to fix this error. I will give you the most common solutions in this article. But, You also should know which are the main reasons behind this issues.

    screenshot runtime error 217 - how to fix

    What Causes Runtime Error 217:

    Actually, It is not easy to find out the reason why you are facing error 217. But, There are some major things which cause this issue. Here are they –

    • Incorrect, Missing or outdated .dll file.
    • Incomplete program installation.
    • Incorrect registry problem.
    • Virus infection.
    • Incorrect region settings.
    • Conflict with other services or programs.

    How to Fix Run Time Error 217 in Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7:

    Like other errors, It has excellent solutions. You can get rid of this problem by following these methods.

    Method 1: Update Windows

    This is the first step you can take. One of a major reasons is missing or outdated .dll file. Most of the times, msvcrt.dll missing or corruption can cause runtime error 217. So, You should update this file. To do it, You can update windows. Then it will be fixed automatically.

    Method 2: Correct Region

    According to some peoples experience and some blogs, Correcting region can be helpful. If you are lucky, It can fix runtime error 217. All windows users can follow these instructions to do it –

    • Just navigate to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region
    • Click on Region and choose your correct region and save it.

    There is another way windows 10 users can do.

    • Just navigate to Settings > Time & language > Region & Language
    • Now, Choose your correct region.

    After doing this, Probably, You will get rid of this problem.

    Method 3: Perform Clean Boot to Fix Runtime Error 217

    Sometimes, Your problem may become so worst as first two methods may not work. In that case, Clean boot method can help you. It means, Disabling all third-party services during startup. All of you can do this by reading this article: How to perform clean boot.

    Method 4: Clean or Fix Corrupted Registries

    If above methods don’t work, You can run a trusted registry cleaner software like ccleaner. Try to clean /  fix corrupted registries and restart your computer. Now, Check if you still get the runtime error 217.

    Method 5: Follow if You are a Norton AV User

    If you get runtime error 217 and you use norton antiviru, This method may work for you. Just follow these things –

    • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet.
    • Click on Internet Options and open Programs tab.
    • Now, Click on Manage Add-ons.
    • Find Norton Confidential Browser Helper and disable it.

    Method 6: System Restore

    I know it is a frustrating matter. But, If all of these methods fail and you have no more things to try except windows re-installation, You can try system restore before doing it. I hope, This method will help you to fix runtime error 217.

    Please let me know, If any of these methods work. You can also add your method that worked for you here by comment.