How to Fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error

How to Fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error

September 3, 2018 By kirsten

    Android phones have become quite the popular mobile device for people to use. With iOS as its main competition, it strives to make sure that they stay on the top with new features that are able to wow and improve their customers’ lifestyle. It’s definitely a great operating system to own if you’re techy and happen to love customizing your phone. Plus, it’s user-friendly as well, making it a great smartphone for anyone of any age to use! But, there will be times where you get errors, such as the Screen Overlay Detected message. It’s annoying, and disturbs your phone usage! In this article, we show you what that error is all about and how to remove the screen overlay detected message.

    screen overlay detected

    What is the Screen Overlay Detected message?

    This is an error that is common among Android users, popping up if ever you have a floating app up, then head on to another one that needs you to access rights. It has affected almost all Android smartphones, especially the Samsung and Motorala. Luckily, AndroidPIT found a remedy for Vodaphone and Samsung. There have been several apps that cause the problem, with CleanMaster, Drupe and Twilight being some of the problem apps.

    One of the popular floating apps would be Facebook Messenger, with the floating chat heads popping up while using other apps. Basically, if you are using an app that requires permission for something in your phone but have a display overlay (or floating app) on, then you will not be able to access rights, thus not being able to open the app you want! This means you will have to disable to floating app. Luckily, there is a solution.

    How to Fix the Screen Overlay Detected Message

    To remove the screen overlay detected message on your Android smartphone, you simply need to follow these steps:

    • For non-Samsung users: Open Settings > magnifying glass for search. Type in Draw, then select the Draw Over Other Apps option. You can also go to Apps > Tap the gear icon > Select Draw Over Other Apps.For Samsung users: Open Settings > Applications > Applications Manager > More > Apps that can appear on top
    • You will then be directed to the list of apps that are allowed to “float” around while using other apps. You will now need to check which app is causing the problem and to disable their overlay feature temporarily in order for you to access your other app that requires permission from your phone. You can identify the problem app through the following ways:
      apps can appear on top disable
      – If there is an app bubble on your screen. Hide the bubble or disable the application causing it.- If you have an app that changes the display on your phone, such as its brightness and colors.- CleanMaster can be the culprit, if you have it installed. This is due to the fact that it always runs while using your phone to clean it or save battery. Disable the app temporarily if you do have it on your phone.- If ever you see no problem app, then it’s safe to disable everything temporarily
      Note: For Samsung users, it has been said that one-handed keyboard may be the cause as well. You can disable this through Settings > Advanced Features > One-Handed Operation
    • Now you will be able to go back to the app that requested permission without that Screen Overlay Detected message from appearing.
    • Now that you have allowed permissions to the app and have it running properly, you can now reactivate the floating apps by repeating steps 1 and 2, but instead of deactivating, turn them on.

    In Conclusion

    While it may be a bit tedious, it’s easy and takes little time, plus it gets the job done! Hopefully, these tips on how to remove the Screen Overlay Detected message will have helped you install your apps properly. If ever the problem still persists, then it may be a hardware or software problem with your phone or app installed. You can try to reinstall the app, or to restart your phone. If not, then it may be time to contact customer support or to have your phone checked for problems. Comment down below if the method worked for you, or if you have more suggestions on how to fix the Screen Overlay Detected message.