Fix Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10

Fix Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10

September 5, 2018 By kirsten

    Windows Store error 0x801901F7 is very common in Windows store of Windows 10. This error comes with the following message ‘The server stumbled. We all have bad days. The error code is 0x801901F7, in case you need it’. After restarting windows store, It may disappear. But sometimes, That doesn’t work. Sometimes, You may see a different error code like 0x80072EFD or something like this.

    windows store error 0x801901F7 is very common in windows 10

    Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 is a error related to MS server. But still there are some things you can do to fix it. These are not so complex. So anyone can try these methods to fix error 0x801901F7.

    How to Fix Windows Store Error 0x801901F7:

    You can try 3 methods to fix windows store server stumbled error 0x801901F7.

    Method 1: Resetting Windows Store Cache

    Resetting Windows Store Cache is the first step to fix any kinds of windows store error. To fix error 0x801901F7, You can follow this method. To do it –

    • Press Windows Flag Key + R from your Keyboard.
    • Now type wsreset.exe and Press Enter.
    • Now Windows Store will be opened automatically and you won’t face error 0x801901F7.

    If this method doesn’t solve server stumbled error 0x801901F7, You can follow the next methods.

    Method 2: Deleting Windows Store Database

    This is another method to fix error 0x801901F7. You need to delete windows store database file. You will find it on local disk C or the drive where windows is installed. To delete windows store database file-

    • Go to C:\Windows > SoftwareDistribution > DataStore.
    • Now you will see a file DataStore.edb.
    • Delete DataStore.edb.
    • Now open Windows Store.

    I hope this will work for you to fix windows store error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10.

    Method 3: Modifying Windows Update Properties

    Tweaking couple of things in Windows update properties may also help you to fix error 0x801901F7. To do it-

    • Open Windows Task Manager. To open it right click on taskbar and select Task manager. You also can open it by pressing CTRL + Alt + Delete from keyboard.
    • Now click on Services tab.
    • Look at the bottom. You will see Open Services. Click on that.
    • Now services window will be opened. Scroll down and find Windows update.
    • Double click on Windows update.
    • Now set startup type to automatic. Then click on Apply. Now click on Start. For better understanding see the screenshot below. Before clicking on Start, You may need to click on Stop.

    fixing windows 10 store error 0x801901F7

    • Now click on OK.
    • Then Follow method 1 again.

    Method 3: Disable or Reset Proxy to Fix Server Stumbled Error

    Another method is disabling proxy. If you are using it, You should turn it off temporarily. To do it –

    • Open Start menu.
    • Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy.
    • Scroll down and turn off Proxy buy sliding the switch.
    • Now, Try to Reconnect your internet and open Windows store. I hope, You won’t face Server Stumbled Error again.

    If it doesn’t work, Then you may need to reset proxy. To do it –

    • Press Windows Key + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now type the following command and hit Enter.
    netsh winhttp reset proxy
    • Now, Open Store and see if you are still facing the problem or not.

    Hopefully, it will fix windows store server stumbled error 0x801901F7. If it helps, Please let us know by comment.