How to Fix Skype Auto Sign Out Problem

How to Fix Skype Auto Sign Out Problem

July 8, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Skype is the most popular platform for voice & video calling. It also allows user to do instant messaging. Almost everyone use skype app in PC, Tab and smartphone. But sometimes, You may have some troubles with skype app or your account. One of them is skype auto sign out problem. This auto logout problem is frequently seen in PC. This is a serious issue until you know the solution.

    Why Skype Auto Sign Out Problem:

    Skype auto logout problem may have several reasons. But the most commons are –

    • Corrupted Skype App Data.
    • Linked with Facebook or Microsoft Account.
    • Recent Changes of MS account or Email Address.

    How to Fix Skype Auto Sign Out Issue:

    Skype auto logout issue can be occurred anytime. You should know the solutions. I also faced it. Last week i found, My skype app signs me out automatically after a few minutes. I was really a victim of this problem. But, I was lucky. I finally found the solutions. This problem can be fixed by following methods. Now, I’ll tell you one by one.

    Method 1: Resetting Skype App Data

    Yes. You can reset your skype app at first. It may fix the issue. To reset it –

    • Open RUN. To open run, Press CTRL + R from your keyboard.
    • Type %appdata% and press Enter.
    • Now find the folder named skype. Rename it as Skype Old.
    • Now open your skype app and login.
    • See the problem has gone.

    Method 2: Re-Installing with Latest Version

    If first method fails, You should uninstall your skype app. Then download the latest version and install it on your PC

    Method 3: Unlinking MS or Facebook Account

    If the first method fails to fix skype auto sign out problem, Try this one.

    • Just go to and login into your skype account.
    • Now go to setting or directly navigate here
    • Now find and click unlink in Microsoft account section. Do it same for Facebook.
    • But remember, If you have opened your skype by facebook or MS account, You may not be able to do it. So at first make sure, You have a skype name and you can login into your skype account by skype name and password.

    By following these two ways, You can easily fix skype auto sign out problem. You can share your better solution with us.