How to Fix System Call Failed Error of Explorer.exe on Windows

How to Fix System Call Failed Error of Explorer.exe on Windows

September 9, 2018 By kirsten

    Windows users may encounter some weird problems related to the explorer.exe. The system call failed error is one of them. So, Now, You will get some excellent instructions to fix this problem on Windows.

    Screenshot Explorer.exe Error System Call Failed

    It is an old issue that users faced in past days on Windows 7. But, Recently in 2018, Many Windows 10 users have been experiencing the similar problem again. To fix system call failed, you won’t have to go through the complicated troubleshooting methods. It is a good thing indeed.

    Usually, This error occurs when users try to open anything on Windows. At first, The screen may flicker or flash. Then, The icons on the desktop or anywhere else may disappear. After that, When you click on anywhere especially the start button, Windows will show the following message.


    System Call Failed

    The main reasons behind this type of weird problems are driver failures, virus or malware issues, third-party programs, bad sector on hard disk/SSD, etc. But, Don’t worry. You can easily get rid of it.

    Fix System Call Failed Error of Explorer.exe on Windows 10

    Without Windows explorer, you can’t do many things. In fact, You are limited to a few kinds of stuff. So, You should play some tricks to solve explorer.exe system call failed issue. Here are they.

    1. Restart Windows Explorer

    As the problem is related to the explorer, you should restart it to get rid of the unexpected situation. You will have to do it from the Windows Task Manager. But, As the explorer.exe has crashed, you will need to do it differently. By the way, Here are the instructions.

    restarting windows explorer may fix windows 10 start menu not working

    • First of all, Press on CTRL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard.
    • Now, Click on Task Manager.
    • Go to the Processes tab. By default, You should be there.
    • Then, Find Windows Explorer and right click on it. Then, Choose restart.

    It should resolve the problem.

    2. Force Close Problematic Processes

    Sometimes, The explorer may crash when you try to open a specific program. In this case, I recommend you to find the process related to that program on Windows Task Manager, right click on it and then click on End Task. Sometimes, It may fix system call failed.

    3. Perform Clean Boot

    Any of the third-party programs or services may cause this error on Windows 10. It is hard to guess which one is the culprit. But, You can find it out very quickly. In this case, You will need to perform a clean boot. It will disable all the third-party services. Here is a guide on how to perform the clean boot. If you see that in clean boot, you are not encountering the explorer.exe problem, it means there is a third-party software which is the culprit. You will need to find it out by enabling each service one by one.

    If you don’t find the culprit, back to the normal mode. You will see all the instructions on the guide I have mentioned in the previous paragraph. In normal mode, you may again start facing the system call failed error. This time, I suggest you play with the startup items. To do it, do these things,

    Disable Startup Programs on Task manager

    • At first, Open the Task Manager like before.
    • Now, Go to Startup tab.
    • Then, Disable all the startup items. You can just right-click on the items and choose disable.
    • Now, Restart your PC.
    • You should not encounter the problem again. So, Enable the startup items one by one and restart Windows each time you have enabled startup programs. Do it until you find the culprit.
    • After finding the problematic program, You can uninstall it or disable it on the startup item list.

    4. Scan for Viruses

    You should scan your PC with a good antivirus software. Besides, you also can use Malwarebytes. Delete all the viruses and malware. Then, Restart your PC. It also should resolve the problem if malware or virus were the reason behind it.

    5. Fix Bad Sectors on HDD/SSD

    Bad sectors on the Hard disk or Solid State drive is another common reason behind explorer.exe error system call failed. So, You should repair them to get rid of the problem. Here are the instructions.

    • At first, Open the start menu, type cmd. Then, Right click on the command prompt and choose run as administrator. You may not be able to open the start menu. So, You should do it in the clean boot or safe mode.
    • Now, Type chkdsk /f /r C: and hit enter. After that, Press Y and hit enter. It will scan and repair common hard disk issues on next startup.

    You can replace “C” with any drive letter like D/E etc. if you want to repair these drives.

    6. Update Graphics Card

    Sometimes, Incompatible or problematic graphics card driver can cause Windows Explorer crashes. So, To fix system call failed, I suggest you update the graphics card driver to the latest version. Here is a guide on how to update drivers. You also should update Windows to the latest version as it can fix common errors.

    7. Repair Faulty System Files

    For some reasons, The system file on Windows may get corrupted. It can be a reason behind so many weird errors. So, I suggest you repair corrupted system files. It may fix your problem.

    These are the most common solutions to solve this problem. But, You also can do a system restore to repair “system call failed” error. There may be other solutions. If you know one, you can share your own troubleshooting idea in the comment box. It may help others.