How to Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled

How to Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled

October 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are many blue screen of death (BSOD) errors. System thread exception not handled is one of them. It may appear in any versions of windows. But windows 8 and windows 10 users may face it more frequently. This blue screen error may arise during booting up your PC. You may also face it when you run a specific or any programs.

    screenshot System Thread Exception Not Handled blue screen of death

    Most of the time, It may appear suddenly and don’t come back again. But sometimes, This error may become a nightmare for windows users. It may appear frequently and prevent you to do anything in your computer. So, It is important to know the best solutions to fix system thread exception not handled error.

    Reasons behind System Thread Exception not Handled:

    There are several things which may cause this blue screen of death. But the most commons are –

    • Damaged or defective hard drive.
    • Incompatible, corrupted, outdated or incorrectly configured drivers.
    • BIOS problem.
    • Corrupted system files.

    Else, Some other things also can cause this nightmare.

    How to Repair System Thread Exception not Handled

    Many peoples think only reinstalling windows may fix this blue screen error. But before doing it, You can try some good methods to fix it.

    1. Removing Culprit Program

    Some programs like antivirus programs, iso burner or overclocking softwares may cause this blue screen of death. If you face system thread exception after installing any software, Try to uninstall it.

    Try to boot your PC into safe mode and see if you face the blue screen error or not. If you don’t face it in safe mode, There may be a third-party program which may cause this error. Try to find it out and remove that.

    2. Uninstalling Graphics Card Driver:

    May be this is the best solution. There are so many users specially windows 8 and 10 users who could repair system thread exception not handled by following this method. All you have to do just removing your graphics card driver from your Windows. To do it, You have to boot your PC into safe mode. Read this article to know how to boot into safe mode. Read: Boot Windows 10 into Safe mode. If you are windows 8 user, Read: Enable Legacy Advanced Boot Menu.

    3. Updating Windows & Drivers

    Again, You can update your drivers to latest version. You also should update your Windows. If there is any problem with your driver, It will solve it as well as this exception not handled error.

    4. Troubleshooting Windows may Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled:

    You can try to troubleshoot your PC by troubleshooting tool. How you can do it effectively, You will know from an article. Read: Troubleshoot Windows Problems

    5. Repairing Corrupted Windows Registry:

    Repairing registry can fix this blue screen error, If the culprit is corrupted registries. Use CCleaner or AVG Tuner or anything else.

    6. Running Virus Scan:

    Use a good antivirus and scan your PC for viruses. Sometimes, System thread exception not handled can be caused by corrupted system files. Viruses or malware may damage your system files.

    7. Using System File Checker:

    To fix corrupted system files, This method can be effective. It will also fix your system thread exception not handled as corrupted system files can be culprit. To do it –

    • Open Command Prompt into Safe mode. Windows 10 users – Just press Windows Flag + X from keyboard and click on Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now type sfc /scannow and press enter.
    • Wait for a few minutes. It will fix damaged system files automatically and fix blue screen of death.

    9. System Restore:

    System restore can fix system thread exception not handled. Read: Ways to Do System Restore

    10. Update BIOS:

    If you still face this blue screen error after restoring your PC to earlier restore point, Update your BIOS. You just need to go to your computer manufacture website. Then check for the latest bios update and follow the instructions there.

    These are the methods, You can follow before re-installing windows. If these don’t work, Re-install or reset windows to fix  system thread exception not handled blue screen error.