Fix Cortana and Taskbar Search not Working in Windows 10

Fix Cortana and Taskbar Search not Working in Windows 10

August 30, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows 10 search feature is more powerful than earlier versions. Specially, Cortana integration made it just awesome. This effort from Microsoft was amazing to improve users’ experience. But, Some bugs may harm your enjoyment. Sometimes, You may find that taskbar or cortana search is not working as your expectation or just stopped working. Recently, So many windows 10 users have complaint about this issue that you find in many online forums. Some of them complained that taskbar search was not even responding. I know some of you are still looking for the solution to resolve this annoying issue.

    How to Fix Cortana and Taskbar Search not Working Problem in Windows 10:

    This annoying problem has so easy solutions. I’ll use these methods to fix taskbar search not working problem –

    1. Restarting Windows Explorer
    2. Ending Cortana’s Process
    3. Restarting Windows
    4. Using Troubleshooter
    5. Modifying Windows Search Startup Options
    6. Re-registering Cortana app
    7. Disabling Antivirus
    8. Rebuilding Search Indexer
    9. Alternative Method

    I hope, These things will be helpful to get rid of this issue. Anyway, Let’s know in details –

    Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer

    This is actually a common solution to fix any taskbar related problem. Most of the times, You will find this method helpful until you want a permanent solution. That means it’s a common and temporary fix. If you don’t know yet, How to restart windows explorer, Here are the instructions –

    • Right Click on taskbar and select Task Manager.
    • In windows task manager, You will find so many processes that are running. Just find windows explorer. You can select any of the processes and press from keyboard in order to find windows explorer quickly.

    windows explorer restart

    • After finding it, Just right click on it and select Restart.
    • Then, It will be restarted and you will be able to search using taskbar search and cortana again.

    If it fails to help you, Let’s follow the next methods.

    Method 2: End Cortana or Search Process

    Killing cortana from the task manager is extremely helpful. It just helps to restart it. Only a few countries have cortana available. If you are living in cortana unsupported country you will find Search instead of Cortana. Just kill its process. To do it –

    • Open Task Manager like before.
    • Find Cortana / Search.
    • Right click on it and select End Task.

    After doing it, Try to search anything and see if it works.

    Method 3: Restart PC

    If these basic tricks fail to resolve the taskbar search problem, You should restart your computer. You can think you are lucky, If restarting works like magic. Otherwise, Follow next solutions.

    Method 4: Use Troubleshooter to Fix Taskbar Search is not Working

    If windows search has any known issues, Troubleshooter can help you to fix it. Know what you will have to do –

    • Press Windows Key + X and then click on Control Panel to open it.
    • Then set the control panel as large icon view. For details see the screenshot below.

    large icon view control panel windows

    • Then find and open Troubleshooting.
    • Click on System and Security.
    • Right click on Search and Indexing and choose Run as administrator.

    run admin search indexing to fix taskbar search not working windows 10

    • Click on Next. You also may have to choose Files don’t appear in search results and then click on next again.
    • Follow the instructions. It will find and fix the problems automatically.

    Method 5: Modify Windows Search Startup Options

    Sometimes, Windows may fail to lunch search application during startup for any reasons. Actually, You may not notice it. It is not easy to understand though. But, You can modify windows search startup option and restart it. After doing it, You should be able to use taskbar search again. Here are the instructions –

    • Press Windows Key + R to open RUN.
    • Type services.msc and hit Enter.
    • Find Windows Search and double click on it.
    • Select Startup Type as Automatic (Delayed Start) or Automatic.
    • Now, Click on OK.
    • After doing it, Just right click on Windows Search and choose Restart.

    Now, Try to search anything from taskbar search or cortana. It should solve the problem cortana and taskbar search not working problem.

    Method 6: Re-Build Search Index

    If none of the above methods work, You can try rebuilding search index. Some users found this is helpful. To do it –

    • Navigate to Control Panel (Large Icons View) > Indexing Options.
    • Click on Advanced.
    • Then click on Rebuild.

    It may take long times to complete the process. But, It has the chance to fix windows taskbar search not working problem.

    Method 7: Re-Registering Cortana App

    Sometimes, This method may create other problems instead of helping you. Except this matter, It is an excellent feature that can fix taskbar and cortana search not working problem. Try it, If you want. Here are the instructions –

    • Open Start Menu and type powershell.
    • Now, Right click on the Powershell app and choose Run as administrator.
    • Then paste the following commands and hit enter.
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    • It may take a few minutes to complete the process.
    • After doing it, Restart Windows.

    I hope, It will help you a lot.

    Method 8: Disable Security Software

    Sometimes, Security softwares like antivirus and firewall may create conflicts. So, You can disable them temporarily and see what happens.

    Alternative Methods to Fix Taskbar Search not Working:

    Any of these methods should work. We have another article on “Ways to Fix Start Menu Search not Showing Results“. That also can help you. If you still need another method, I would like to suggest you to search online. Or you can uninstall any software which one you think is culprit. You also can disconnect microsoft account and create local account. Then connect microsoft account again. If you still fail, Just reset windows in order to fix taskbar search in windows 10. If you know any better solution, You are welcome to share with us.