How to Fix Touchpad Issues in Windows 10

How to Fix Touchpad Issues in Windows 10

September 5, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    People who have installed windows 10 on their laptop may face a problem – “Touchpad Issues.” The installation Windows 10 operating system is really very smooth. But after installation of it many of us may realize the touchpad isn’t working properly. Luckily who have touch screen laptop, it worked fine for them. They can easily navigate through touchpad troubles with relative issue. If you don’t have touch screen PC then you will need an external mouse before you follow this article.

    Here Is How To Fix “Touchpad Isn’t Working” In Windows 10 Laptop:

    Before you revert back to windows 8/8.1, you can try this fixing guide. There are a few things you must try. Let’s know them.

    Is your Touchpad Enabled?

    You must check out if it is enabled when it isn’t working. This default setting is sometimes guilty for it.

    • Open Settings menu (Start>Settings).
    • Click on Devices and Select Mouse & Touchpad.
    • Scroll down mouse and go to bottom. Click on Additional mouse options.
    • A window called Mouse Properties will be opened.
    • Click on the furthest right tab may be called Device Settings or Elan or Hardware.
    • Now, check if your touchpad is disabled under Devices.
    • Enable it if you find it disabled.

    There is another thing to do. That is –

    • After opening mouse properties, You will see the touchpad related options in current tab. Just click on “Click to Change (Dell) Touchpad Settings”. Instead of dell, There may be another name depends on your laptop manufacture.
    • Now, You will see a new window where you will find so many options related to touchpad. If you see your touchpad is off from there, Try to On it by toggling the On/Off switch.

    fixing dell touchpad problem

    Try Function Keys:

    Sometimes function keys of your laptop may work to enable or disable touchpad. This key will look like a tiny touchpad with transverse line over it. It can be F6 in many laptops or Fn+F5, Fn+F6 or something else.  Try toggling these function keys to check out which key possibly work for solving this issue.

    Update Drivers of Your Windows 10:

    It’s been 11 months that windows 10 has been out. So, most of the driver makers have updated their drivers software. If you have not got any automatic update, You have to update your drivers manually. You can do it in two ways.

    • Press Windows Key + R and type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.
    • From the device manager select Mice and other pointing devices.
    • Now, you will find your Touchpad.
    • Right-Click on Touchpad and select Update Driver Software….
    • Your computer will look for internet to update driver software. So, it will update then.

    Anyway, if your computer is unable to find an updated driver, you should look for the updated drivers yourself. Go to your laptop’s manufacturer‘s website and find their download section. You will find about all the updated drivers there.  Otherwise you can Google. Just write your laptop model and Windows 10 touchpad diver. Install it after downloading new driver. If it doesn’t work then uninstall the new driver, go back to device manager, right click on your touchpad and select Uninstall. Again install the new driver and restarting your computer may fix this problems.