How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception in Windows

How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception in Windows

September 23, 2018 By kirsten

    After installing windows 10 anniversary update, Many peoples have reported that they are encountering different blue screen of death errors. “Unexpected Store Exception” is one of them. In fact, It is not only seen in windows 10. People have also faced in windows 8.x. So, This is not an error that appears in any specific version. In this article, I will guide you how to fix unexpected store exception. But, You should know a bit more about this error.

    Screenshot Unexpected Store Exception

    This error can appear in two ways. First one, When you are trying to run any or specific programs. Another one, When you try to boot up your PC. That means, It can completely prevent you from accessing your computer. In most cases, After facing this issue couple of times, Users may encounter another blue screen of death called Critical Process Died. I’ve explained about that one in another article previously.

    What causes “Unexpected Store Exception” error:

    Basically, It is similar to other BSOD. These following things can cause it.

    • Driver problem.
    • Hardware problem.
    • Third-party programs and services.

    In most cases, People blamed their antivirus programs like Mcafee, Avast, Bitdefender, AVG etc. for causing unexpected store exception. For some computers, Fast startup feature of windows can cause it.

    How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception BSOD:

    At this point, We will go through some working solutions that can resolve this problem. But, Please keep in mind that you may need to do everything in safe mode, If you can’t access windows normally.

    Try Disabling Fast Startup:

    From windows 8, Microsoft has brought a new cool feature that helps your PC for fast boot. In most cases, It helps people to have great experience. But, For some older or incompatible PCs, It can be a curse by causing blue screen problems. Else, Many peoples claimed that they could fix unexpected store exception by disabling fast startup feature. So, We will also try their solution.

    • At first, Open start menu and type “Power Option”.
    • Then, Hit enter.
    • In the left side of window, Click on Choose what the power buttons do.
    • Now, Click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable.
    • Uncheck Turn off fast startup (recommended).
    • Save Settings and restart your PC.
    • Now, See if it really resolves unexpected store exception or not.

    Uninstall Antivirus Programs Temporarily

    As i mentioned above the antivirus programs can be culprit, You should try uninstalling it completely. You can’t do it normally. Almost all antivirus providers offer a tool that can completely remove it from your PC. For more, Visit your antivirus website or community forum.

    Update Drivers and Windows:

    Your problem may have two scenarios. First one, Any or some of your installed drivers are not compatible with latest windows build (Anniversary update). That’s why you are encountering unexpected store exception. Another one, It is a known issue and microsoft has a new update that fixed this problem. For first scenario, You will need to update your drivers to latest version. You can do it from Windows Device Manager. To open it, Just press Win + R and type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. Now, Right click on any driver name and choose Update driver software and follow on screen instructions.

    For, Second scenario, Press Win + I. Then, Click on Update & Security and then, Click on Check for updates.

    Run Chkdsk Command to Fix Unexpected Store Exception

    This blue screen of death can be a result of any problem in your hard disk. In that case, I recommend you to try repairing common disk errors by chkdsk command. According to many peoples, It has successfully resolve their problem. But, Please keep in mind that it may take a few minutes to couple of hours to be completed. So, Keep patience. Here are instructions, You will need to follow.

    • Right click on Start and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Type chkdsk /f /r and press Enter.
    • Again, Press Y, If it ask your permission. Then hit Enter.
    • During next boot up, Your PC will automatically check for hard disk errors and fix it.

    Run SFC Command:

    System file checker command can automatically detect errors of your operating system and fix. Like previous command, It also can take a few minutes to couple of hours. This time depends on many things. This command is a well known solution to fix BSOD like unexpected store exception.

    • At first, Open command prompt with full administrator rights like before.
    • Then, Run the following command.
    sfc /scannow
    • If this command executes successfully, You may no longer face this problem again.

    Try System Restore:

    If you have started encountering this error after a few changes in your PC, You can follow this method. A system restore can bring a previous environment to your PC. In many times, This can help you to fix unexpected_store_exception. Read: How to Do System Restore to know full details.

    A Few More Steps:

    I always hope, These tips will help you to troubleshoot your problem. In case, You are not satisfied, I’ve few more articles where i have explained some advanced ways to recover your windows computer from many bugs like blue screen of deaths. I can suggest you to read the following articles: Fix Corrupted System Files, Analyze Minidump to Fix BSOD. These are two more solutions. It is very easy to do. Specially, The second one can help you to find problematic drivers which will make it easy to fix unexpected store exception.

    Please, Let me know your feedback, problems you have been facing while following my guide. Also share the method that fixed your problem by comment box.