How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80004005

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80004005

August 11, 2018 By alberto

    Many users are encountering windows update error 0x80004005. This problem is happening when someone is trying to update windows 10. This article contains some useful troubleshooting steps which will help you to fix this problem.

    Windows Update Error 0x80004005 Screenshot

    Recently, Microsoft has released Windows 10 fall creators update. Unlike other major updates, it has brought fewer bugs to users computers. Still, Some users were not able to install it. However, Some users are encountering error 0x80004005 while updating Windows. To fix this windows update error 0x80004005, you won’t have to struggle. Some easiest methods can help you to get rid of this error code.

    Ways to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80004005:

    Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to repair update error code 0x80004005 by following any methods if your computer’s time and date settings are incorrect. I also recommend you to use correct region setting.

    Method 1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

    Windows has built-in dedicated tools to troubleshoot common problems that users may face while doing regular tasks. So, When you encounter any update related errors, you should run update troubleshooter. Sometimes, It fixes the problem. It saves your time. If you don’t know how to run this tool, you can follow these things.

    At first, Press Win + I on the keyboard. It will open Settings window before you.

    Opening-Windows Update Troubleshooter

    From there, Go to Update & Security. Then, Click on Troubleshoot.

    Now, Click on Windows Update and then click on Run the troubleshooter.

    Wait for a while. It will be scanning for common update issues. When it finds anything unusual, it will show you details or ask for your permission to fix it. In that case, Click on Apply fixes.

    Apply fixes in Windows Update Troubleshooter

    Now, Check for windows update. You won’t see the error code 0x80004005.

    Method 2: Fix Error 0x80004005 by Resetting Update Component

    For any reason, Windows update components may get corrupted. As a result, Any attempt to update windows ends with a failure message or an error code. It can be a reason you are encountering the error mentioned above. So, To fix windows update error 0x80004005, you should fix the problems with these components. If you don’t know the process, Read: How to Reset Update Components

    Method 3: Check and Repair Faulty System Files

    When one or more essential system files are missing from your system or these get corrupted, you may face many problems. You also may get various error codes when you try to update the operating system. So, To fix windows update error 0x80004005, you also should consider repairing faulty or missing system files. Running SFC and DISM commands can do this automatically. You can learn more from here.

    sfc scannow to repair corrupted or missing windows system files screenshot

    Method 4: Download Update Manually

    In case, You are still encountering the same error code even after trying above methods, you can download windows update and install it manually. It will help you to skip error 0x80004005.

    However, To download specific update, Visit:

    Then, Search for any particular update. For example, You are getting the error for KB265063. So, Search for this update and download. After downloading, Install it normally.

    Hopefully, Above methods will help you to solve windows update error 0x80004005.