How to Fix Windows Update Error 0xc1900107

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0xc1900107

August 4, 2018 By kirsten

    There are many windows update errors you are facing everyday. Though all these problems are similar. But, There are different solutions. In this article, You are going to know about “update error 0xc1900107” and how to fix it. This is a most common nightmare right now. Because, There are so many users who are unable to get windows 10 anniversary update for it. Let’s know about it in details.

    windows update error 0xc1900107 screenshot

    Symptoms of Error 0xc1900107:

    This problem appears when you try to update your PC. Actually, It doesn’t prevent update you from downloading. It just stops installing. It appears in windows update window. Even it can appear in windows 10 update or upgrade assistant. You don’t have to be preview build user to encounter it. Any windows 10 build users may have this issue. I have heard many windows 8 or 8.1, 7 users have faced during upgrading to 10. I also heard many users got this error 0xc1900107 during roll-backing to Windows 7 or 8 from 10. This error can ruin your day if you don’t know the way to get rid of it.

    Fix Windows Update Error 0xc1900107:

    When we talk about how to solve this error, We must follow these methods given below. Actually, I can’t give you guarantee. But there are so many users who found these helpful.

    Run Update and BITS Troubleshooter:

    According to the official forum of Microsoft, Running these troubleshooter from your control panel may fix error 0xc1900107. To do it, You will have to do these things.

    • Open Start Menu and type troubleshooting. You will see the troubleshooting app. Just open it.
    • Now, Look at the right sidebar. You will see an option name View All. Just click on that.
    • Now, Click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service and go forward. It will fix any error, If it finds.
    • After doing it, Click on Windows Update and follow on screen instructions.

    I hope, It will fix any issues that cause update error 0xc1900107. If it doesn’t work as expectation, Just follow next methods.

    Rename $WINDOWS.~BT Folder:

    First one works for some users. This one works for many other users. Deleting or renaming the $WINDOWS.~BT folder can solve the error 0xc1900107. You will find this folder in local disk C (Where the windows 10 has been installed). After all, These are the things, You will need to follow –

    • Open File Explorer / This PC and then go to local disk C or windows system drive.
    • Now, You should see a folder named $WINDOWS.~BT. If you don’t see any, Just click on View from the top menu and tick Hidden Items from the Show/Hide section.

    deleting / renaming $WINDOWS.~BT folder can fix windows update error 0xc1900107

    • Then, You may see that folder. Just rename to any name. You also can consider deleting it.
    • After doing it, Try to update windows and see if you still face the error 0xc1900107.

    I think, Everything should be OK now. Still having problem? Follow next.

    Fix Registries:

    Sometimes, Corrupted registries can cause update errors. In that case, You can fix it manually which is complex and needs times to do. So, You can use trusted registry fixer software like ccleaner. But never forget to backup registry before doing it.

    It is rare that these methods don’t work. But, It is not impossible. If you are unlucky one, You can restore or reset windows. But, You should do it or run any disk cleaner, If you want  to roll back to previous windows 7 or 8. As i mentioned above, Many users are facing error 0xc1900107 while trying to roll-back.