How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Problem in Windows

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Problem in Windows

September 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    If you’re a Windows user, you can encounter with USB Device not recognized issue with your PC. Occasionally you can see this error when you plug in Pendrive, Webcam, printer or flash drives. Well, it is so annoying.  It can happen for many reasons. Today you will know about how to fix usb device not recognized error.

    This problem exists in all modern versions like windows 10, 8.1, 8 or even older 7. There are actually various reasons behind this error. If you can understand why you are experiencing this USB problem, It will help you to troubleshoot this more easily.

    Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10

    Reasons Behind USB Device Not Recognized Error:

    All PC errors and problems have some reasons. This issue also has it. Here are the things that cause this problem –

    • Unstable or corrupted USB controllers.
    • Outdated motherboard drive.
    • Missing important updates of windows or any other services.
    • Problematic USB drives.
    • Incorrect power management settings.

    Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error in Windows:

    Every problem comes with a solution. Luckily you can try many methods to fix USB device not recognized issue in you Windows PC. Let’s try most effective methods to solve undetected driver.

    Method 1: Restart Your PC.

    One of the easier and quickest ways to fix undetected drivers is to restart your PC. Before restarting the pc unplug the drive for at least 1 minutes. It resets USB hub on your motherboard. If the problem occurs on your laptop then you should remove the laptop battery for 3-4 minutes and replace the battery again. Now, start your PC and see if the problem still persists.

    Method 2: Check If Driver Is Properly Inserted.

    You should check properly if the driver is properly inserted or not. You also should ensure the physical fitness of the driver’s port. To see if the computer can read your driver, You can unplug it and plug it back. If the driver is inserted for the first time you can disconnect all the other devices to check if it solves usb device not recognized error.

    Method 3: Scan to Find Undetected Driver.

    Scanning for undetected drives is another great choice to diagnosis and repair all the devices concerning problems by using device manager. Device manager is a useful toolbox. It has access of all internal and outside devices that electricity your system.

    • Navigate to Control Panel.
    • Select Hardware and Sound.
    • Click On Device Manager.
    • Open Action Menu.
    • Now, Click on Scan for hardware changes.
    • Windows will scan for added undetected hardware.
    • Close the Device Manager with all the Control Panel Windows.
    • Now check if your computer will find the driver by opening Device Manager.

    Method 4: Update Device Drivers.

    Sometimes updating device’s drivers fix the  problem in Windows. You can do it in many ways.

    1. Check the USB driver maker’s website. Find for updated Drivers. Now, download and install them.
    2. Make an effort to find device’s drivers off of an installation disc.
    3. Download and install driver updates. It may fix the problem.

    Well, third one is easier to do and will save your cash.

    Method 5: USB Hub Power Management

    • Open device manager again.
    • Click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    • Now, Right-click on USB Root Hub.
    • Select Properties.
    • Click on the Power Management tab.
    • Now, Untick beside the box of Allow the computer to turn off this device to save electricity.
    • Now, click Ok.

    Method 6: Uninstall Unknown USB Drive

    If any method is not working for you then you should uninstall unknown devices.

    • At first, Open Run by pressing Windows logo + R.
    • Type devmgmt.msc and click Ok.
    • Now, Click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    • Plug in the driver which is not recognized to PC’s port.
    • Find an icon called Unknown USB device (Port reset failed).
    • Right-Click on it and select Uninstall to remove them.
    • Restart your PC.

    Method 7: Re-install USB Drivers

    Sometimes, This error can occurs due to corrupt USB drivers then you must try this below solution.

    • Open device manager on your PC.
    • Now, Find Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Open it.
    • Right-click on USB Drivers and click Uninstall.
    • Do it for all the USB drivers one by one.
    • Restart your PC.
    • The USB drivers are automatically re-installed.
    • It will solve the corrupted devices.

    I hope any of these methods will solve USB device not recognized error. If apart from these there are other way that worked for you, let us know in the comment box.