VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR is another blue screen error that windows 10, or 8 users may experience. This BSOD is a driver (Mostly Graphics Card) related problem like others. Specially, The windows 10 users who have upgraded from 7 or 8.1 are the main victim of this blue screen of death. But it can solved. I’ll show you how to troubleshoot VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR. But before that, I’ll tell the causes and symptoms of this error.


What You will Experience with VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR:

Like other BSOD, You will see a blue screen with this error name. You may see additional error code STOP Error 0x113. Your PC may crash frequently. You may see high response time of any task. This problem may appear during shut down or start up. Even you may face this issue during running specific or any programs.


This error normally a result of windows version incompatibility with your PC or specific driver. The main causes of this error are –

  • Corrupted, Incompatible or Outdated drivers or hardware.
  • Conflicting between two or several drivers.
  • Windows System file corrupted or removed.
  • Damaged hardware.


This BSOD can be fixed by several methods. I’ll show the best and most working methods to repair this problem.

1. Update or Reinstall Video Driver:

The first thing you can do it update or reinstalling video driver. If your video driver is uncompatible with your windows version, You may experience this BSOD. Specially, The NVIDEA users may encounter it more. So, I suggest you to remove your video driver completely and reinstall them with the latest version. It may fix this video fatal error BSOD.

2. Fix Intel AMD

Some computer may have hybrid graphics configuration with Intel & AMD adapters. If you have such PC with windows 10 or 8.1, You may encounter Video_DXGKRNL_Fatal_Error. In that case, You can get a fix from microsoft. Visit the following link for the fix:

3. System Restore:

If you face this blue screen of death after updating your PC or installing any third-party software but you can’t get it, Then a system restore is enough to make your PC free from video dxgkrnl fatal error. To know how to do system restore, Read: Ways to Do System Restore

4. Fixing Corrupted System Files:

Another thing, You can do is repairing windows system files which got corrupted. Because, Any damaged system files can cause this error. Know more: Repair Corrupted System Files

5. Re-Install or Reset Windows:

Resetting your PC will make it like fresh and new. All your third-party softwares and data even your personal data will be erased. Or you also can reinstall windows. Then install your drivers with latest versions. That will solve your proble. I have mentioned how to do it in the repairing corrupted system files article. So, You can learn from there.

So, These are the best solutions for VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR.


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