Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error – Best Ways

Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error – Best Ways

October 31, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error is another blue screen of death that windows 10 or 8.1 users may experience. Like other similar problems, This BSOD is also driver related. You may encounter this error anytime. Most of the time, You may experience Video Scheduler Internal Error after startup of your PC or when you try to set your computer into sleep mode. Like other similar issues, it comes with blue screen & error code and restarts your PC automatically. In this article, I’ll discuss its symptoms, causes and how to fix it by following best methods.

    Video Scheduler Internal Error screenshot

    Symptoms of Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error:

    Symptoms are similar to other BSOD. These are –

    • Suddenly appear with BSOD error code and restart PC.
    • During gameplay, You may face this error.
    • PC may be stuck at any stage frequently.
    • PC performance may become worst.

    Why Video Scheduler Internal Error:

    Before knowing solutions, It is always better to know the reasons of any error. This error can be caused by following things.

    • A damaged or corrupted video driver.
    • Corrupted Windows system files.
    • Virus or Malware.
    • Corrupted Windows registry.
    • Third party security software or services.

    How to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error:

    This blue screen problem is mostly seen in Windows 10 and 8.1. A simple restart can fix this problem. But, It’s a temporary solution. If you have recently increased integrated graphics memory from BIOS, It may be a reason you are encountering this problem. You may try to change back. It may help. However, This error can be fixed by following methods.

    1. Update or Roll Back Video Driver:

    Update or roll back? What is it? You may become confused. Yes. I’m not mad. I’m OK. If you start to face the BSOD after recent update of your PC as well as the video driver, You can try to roll back the update. Because, If latest driver update fails to install or if it is problematic, You may face any video driver related problems. Again, You may face this video scheduler internal error, If you have an incompatible or outdated video driver. In that case, You have to update it to the latest version. Let’s know how to update or rollback video driver.

    • First of all, Press Windows logo + R from the keyboard. It will open RUN.

    opening run device manager

    • Now type devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open Device Manager.
    • You will see all the driver list or your PC.

    device manager display adapters

    • Expand Display Adapters.
    • Right click on your video driver and select Update Driver.

    device manager updating driver

    • Now select Search automatically for updated driver software.
    • It will automatically update your display driver.

    If you want to rollback, Follow the instructions –

    • Double click on your video driver in device manager.

    roll back display driver

    • Click on Driver tab.
    • Then click on Rollback. If your drive is performing well and there is no error, Rollback Driver button will be invisible.

    2. Disable or Remove Security Software:

    Some security software may create BSOD problem. For example, AVG Internet Security may create DPC watchdog violation or video scheduler internal error. So, I would like to suggest you disable your antivirus and restart your PC. Then see what happens. If it solves BSOD, You should uninstall your antivirus software.

    3. Update Your PC & Drivers:

    Windows update solves many issues on your PC. So, Check for new updates. It will fix many bugs on your PC. It also may fix BSOD.

    4. Perform Clean Boot:

    Sometimes, Any of the services that start automatically right after your computer startup cause video scheduler internal error, you can find out the culprit and disable it. This will surely fix your problem. However, You will need to perform clean boot. This will disable all third-party services in next restart. If you find you are not facing the blue screen of death anymore, You should find the culprit and disable or uninstall it.

    5. Fix Registry:

    Invalid, damaged or corrupted registries may create the problem on your Windows PC. Sometimes, It may become responsible for blue screen problem. So, Run registry scan and fix it. You can use third-party trusted programs to do it. One of the most popular programs in CCleaner. It has options to fix problematic registries.

    5. Repair Corrupted System Files to fix Video Scheduler Internal Error:

    If your system files are corrupted, You will have more chance to face so many issues including BSOD. It is possible to repair them. I have already written an article on it. You can read: Repair Corrupted System Files Windows

    6. Analyze Dump File (Advanced Method):

    This is a unique method to troubleshoot video scheduler internal error or any other BSODs. First of all, You will have to configure your PC to create small memory dump file. Then, Wait until you face the blue screen error again. Your PC will store the relevant information of BSOD in the dump file. However, Restart your PC. Then, Try to analyze dump file to resolve the stop error.

    These are the possible best methods to fix video scheduler internal error. You can perform system restore. Anyway, This BSOD error may occur in different situations. There may other methods you will have to follow to solve your problem. So, You can post with details in Microsoft answer forum. Or you can comment below with a bit details. I will try to help, if possible.