Fix VLC Settings and Preference Black Dot Issue

Fix VLC Settings and Preference Black Dot Issue

September 23, 2018 By alberto

    I love using VLC Media Player when playing media files, more so than I actually use my laptop’s default player! But unfortunately, VLC Media Player does suffer from some glitches. After all, nothing’s perfect! A common issue with this media player is not being able to read some text in the settings area of the application. It’s found in the VLC Settings and Preference section, where the text is covered by black squares.

    vlc media dot issue

    Showing black dots, it’s incomprehensible, which will confuse the user as to what option he needs to click on to play or save their media files. It’s also very annoying and an eyesore. While I thought I would have to live with these black dots for the whole time I’ll be using the application, I found a quick and surefire solution as to how to remove it and be able to use VLC Media Player with ease. So here’s how to fix that and remove the black dots from the VLC Settings and Preferences option.

    VLC Media Player

    First of all, if you haven’t heard of what it is, VLC Media Player is your basic media player for any device. Whether you’re a Macbook or PC user, VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players used because of its versatility and ability to play almost all types of media files. Not only that, but it’s packed with features and is installable in just about any updated laptop or desktop. And it’s free!

    How to Fix VLC Settings and Preferences from Black Dots

    While it’s an annoying issue, it’s a problem that can easily be fixed. Here are the steps on how to do it:

    • Open VLC Media Player and head on to Tools > Preferences. You can also press Crtl + P.

    vlc preference dot

    • Choose the Interface tab, or f you can’t read anything at all, click the green and orange traffic cone logo.
    • Look for the drop down menu at the right side, which is your language option.

    VLC player language select

    • By default, Language is set to Auto, so change it to British English in order to remove the dots.
    • Save the settings and close the whole VLC Media Player, restarting it.
    • Once you reopen it, check every VLC Setting and Preference option out and see if that resolved the problem.

    And that’s just about it! Simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. If the VLC Setting and Preference black dot problem is now resolved, then great! Feel free to enjoy the features of VLC Media Player.

    If it still hasn’t been resolved and you still see the black dots, then it’s best to either reinstall the media player, search online for alternative solutions, or to contact help support of VLC Media Player themselves to see if they can fix the issue. Whether it’s a glitch with the application or your PC itself, but it’s best to seek professional help if the problem isn’t resolved no matter what you’ve tried.