How to Fix VLC Media Player Playing Video without Audio Issue

How to Fix VLC Media Player Playing Video without Audio Issue

September 25, 2018 By kirsten

    VLC Media Player is one of the best media players around. Whether you are using an Apple or Android device, this player is available for almost all mobile devices and PC’s, so long as it is updated to its latest version. Able to play a number of media files that your default player may not handle, it is a great alternative app to use compared to other third party apps because of its reliability, popularity, and how simple it is to use. Along with added features, it has become my default media player rather than what is pre-installed on my laptop!

    Unfortunately, it has also got its share of issues and glitches, one of them being the disability to play sound when watching a video or listening to music! I have tried to restart my laptop and checked my speakers, played videos online and in other media players (which has worked fine!), but it only lead me to realize that the problem was with VLC Media Player itself. So I found some solutions that helped me and may help you if you’re experiencing no sound with VLC Media Player.

    Fixing VLC Media Player Video Playing without Audio Issue:

    After some research and trying some of these solutions myself, here are some of the solutions on how to fix VLC Media Player’s playing without audio issue:

    Check your PC

    It may be your PC’s problem. Check your speakers and restart it before you go through anything to see if that’s the case. If nothing plays audio, it may be your PC’s problem and it’s best to have your speakers replaced or checked. If everything works fine and is able to play audio, then there’s a VLC Media Player playing video without audio problem.

    Turn On Audio/Unmute Audio on VLC

    You can find this in the Audio section of VLC Media Player when opened. Click on Mute. If it’s green, you have unmuted it. If it’s on gray, you have muted it.

    To enable Audio:

    enable audio vlc

    • Go to Tools > Preferences > Audio.
    • If unchecked, click Enable Audio and check if it now plays with sound.

    Change Audio Device

    Audio device is pre-chosen once you have installed VLC Media Player, so that my be what’s causing VLC Media Player playing video without audio problem.

    To change that:

    vlc audio device

    • Open VLC and click on Audio from menu, then go to Audio Device.
    • If set on default, change it to Independent RTS Headphones or Speakers, depending on what you are using.
    • If you’re using different options, change it to that one and see if that solves the problem.

    Reset Preferences on VLC

    Since you may have customized or tweak its settings, restoring it back to default settings may help solve the issue.

    reset preferences vlc

    • Open VLC and go to Tools > Preferences.
    • Scroll down until you see Reset Preferences, clicking it and pressing OK when asked to.

    Enable Sound Devices

    If you feel like it’s your PC with a problem, you may check your PC’s settings and enable its sound.

    soun show disabled devices

    • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound.
    • Go to Sound, which leads you to another dialog box, where you can see all the sound devices.
    • Right click all of devices and click enable to enable their sounds.
    • If you aren’t able to see the sound devices, Right click on blank area and choose “Show Disabled Devices“.
    • Click Apply and OK to save settings, and reset your PC.

    Change Audio Output Module on VLC

    This is an advanced option that you may not have even known about, but it may resolve the VLC Media Player playing video without audio problem.

    • Open VLC and go to Tools > Preferences.
    • When in simple Preferences, go to the Audio tab > Output section.
    • Click the drop-down menu beside Output Module and select Waveout Audio Output.
    • Then click the drop-down menu beside Device and select Speakers/Headphones.
    • Save settings and restart VLC.

    Enable or Disable S/PDIF on VLC

    waveout audio vlc spdif

    • Open VLC, go to Tools > Preferences
    • In Simple Preferences, click the Audio tab
    • Go to Output section and select the drop-down menu
    • Select WaveOut Audio Output
    • Check or uncheck “Use S/PDIF When Available
    • Save settings and restart VLC.

    Check Volume Mixer

    vlc system sound mixer

    • Play a video on VLC and minimize the window.
    • Right-click the volume option by your taskbar (the icon of speakers), and open Volume Mixer
    • Choose any audio device in the Application section, then increase the volume of VLC if it is low.

    Disable/Unable Audio Track on VLC

    disable audio video vlc

    • Play a video on VLC. Click on Audio > Audio Track while it is playing
    • Disable then enable it again.

    Check with Troubleshoot

    Let your PC find the problem itself by troubleshooting the sound problem. It may fix VLC media player no audio problem.

    volume icon sound problem troubleshoot

    • Right-click the volume option by your taskbar and click on Troubleshoot Sound Problems
    • Wait until the problem is detected. Click on the audio device that you feel has the problem and wait until a solution is recommended to be done.

    And that’s it! All these fixes are simple to do yourself and the problem won’t need to be fixed by any professional. Chances are the solution is mentioned above. But if nothing works, then try to reinstall VLC Media Player itself or contact their customer support for more help, as they might be the ones to help you fix the VLC Media Player playing video without audio problem.