How to Fix WDF VIOLATION Error

How to Fix WDF VIOLATION Error

October 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    WDF_VIOLATION Error is one of the most common BSOD of windows. This blue screen of death is not 100% similar to others. But it can be fixed easily. Most of the WDF Violation error appears, When you connect your iPhone or iPad with your PC and run itunes. This problem is rare in earlier versions of windows like windows 7, Vista or XP. New windows users like Windows 10 & 8 are the main victim of this blue screen violation error. There are some reasons behind this error.

    Reasons Behind WDF_Violation:

    These things can cause this BSOD –

    • Corrupted Windows System Files.
    • Faulty, Incompitable or Damaged Drivers.
    • Broken or corrupted windows registry entries.
    • Hard Disk problem.
    • Virus & Malware attack.

    Fix WDF Violation Error – How to Guide

    This problem normally occur during syncing with PC and apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad or iPod. Most of the time, Old iTunes users face this BSOD. So before starting repairing process, I should suggest you to update itunes or remove it, then install latest version. Now let’s look at the solutions.

    Temporary solution: 

    • At first open your PC with full admin rights.
    • Then open iTunes.
    • After that connect your apple device with original or good data cable. Then click on Summery in iTunes.
    • Then check Enable Disk Use.

    Fixing wdf violation blue screen of death by Enabling Disk Use

    • Now you should not face WDF_Violation Error.
    • If you want to fix this blue screen error permanently, Then you should follow the methods below –

    Method 1: Update Drivers & Windows

    Out Dated drivers may cause WDF Violation error. So, You should update all of your drivers. Windows Update fixes many bugs of windows. So, You also should update your windows to latest version.

    Method 2: Fix Registry & Use Disk Cleanup

    As corrupted registry entries can cause this problem, You should try to find and fix it. To fix registry, You can use CCleaner or similar trusted programs. You must fix 0x10D related registries. Then, You can cleanup your windows installation drive by disk cleanup. To do it –

    • Go to Computer / This PC.
    • Select Local Disk C.
    • From top navigation bar, Click on Manage, Then Cleanup.
    • Then Cleanup your system files.
    • It should fix this blue screen error.

    Method 3: Scan for Viruses

    Now it’s time to scan your PC. Find and heal the malware, spyware or any computer viruses.

    Method 4: Re-Install or Reset your PC

    If any of the methods mentioned above doesn’t work, You can decide to reinstall or reset your PC. Read: How to Reset Windows.

    There are many WDF Violation errors. You can find them from