Fix WHMCS Domain Checker not Working


WHMCS is the most popular billing software for web hosting sellers. It is well known to all. Many web hosting providers provide free whmcs license to their resellers. This is an awesome billing software with many features. But, You also may face some issues with it. A common issue is ‘WHMCS domain checker not working’.

Many users have reported that their domainchecker.php is not working after updating WHMCS. Domain checker not working is not a new problem. This is an old issue. I also faced this issue. I didn’t find any good solutions to fix this problem. I found a thread in WHMCS forum. That was posted about 5 years ago. But still no one can give any good solution of whmcs domain checker not working problem. Though that thread may help some peoples.

Anyway, I tried so many methods to fix it. But at last i could solve my problem. Now, I’ll share these methods to fix whmcs domain checker not working. These are possible solutions. But i’m not giving you any guarantee.

How to Fix WHMCS Domain Checker not Working Problem:

These are the methods you can try to fix whmcs domain checker (domainchecker.php) not working problem.

1. Changing Template:

This is the only method that worked for me. Normally, Your WHMCS template is set to Default. But you can change it any time. If you see whmcs domain checker is not working any more, You should change your template. It should work. To change template –

  • Login into your Admin Panel of WHMCS.
  • Then navigate to Setup > General Settings.
  • Scroll down and find Template.
  • Click and Select another template.  (Template name Five or Six).
  • Then click on Save Changes.
  • Now check your whmcs domain checker, If this trick works for you.

2. Rearranging TLD Price List:

This is another method that may work for you. Some peoples could fix whmcs domain checker not working problem by following this method. You just need to delete all TLDs & price list. Then add these again. To do it-

  • Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing.
  • Delete all TLDs and Click on Save Changes.
  • Then add TLDs and pricing again.

3. Reconfigure Domain Register Module:

This is another method you can try to fix whmcs domain checker not working. To do it –

  • Go to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registers.
  • Deactivate and Activate again your domain register module.
  • Then click on Configure.
  • Provide your Reseller ID / User Name & API Key / Password.
  • Click on Save Changes.

I hope all of these methods will help you to fix whmcs domain checker (domainchecker.php) not working problem. You may visit whmcs forum. You also may find some good solutions there.


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