How To Fix WiFi gets Disconnecting and Reconnecting Issue on Android

How To Fix WiFi gets Disconnecting and Reconnecting Issue on Android

September 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Today, most of the smartphone users prefer Android as mobile OS. Apart from all the functionality, it provides all the features probably lacking on iOS or Windows phones. But, the annoying part is when WiFi gets disconnecting and reconnecting automatically on your android devices. It is a bothersome matter when you’re downloading, playing games or chatting with your clients/boss. This issue can happen for many reasons. Today I will discuss why it occurs and how to fix it.

    Why Does WiFi Gets disconnecting and Reconnecting on Android:

    There are probably many reasons behind this WiFi disconnecting and connecting again after a few minutes. Either your android device or WiFi is at fault for this issue.  Sometimes, your installed VPN, antivirus, poor network connection, auto and smart network switching is guilty of this issue. Well, today I’ll discuss how you can fix WiFi disconnecting and reconnecting after a while on Android devices.

    Simply Restart Wireless Router & WiFi Connection:

    Sometimes, Your PC, laptop, phone or router is just one click away to the solution by restarting. So, there is nothing to be worried. Next time, when you experience unexpected disconnection and reconnection of wireless connection, just restart your router. You can also try another fix turning off WiFi on your android phone and restarting again.

    Apply Forget and Reconnect Connection:

    When an easy fix is available why anyone would go for the hard one. You can just delete saved network which is automatically getting disconnected and connect again your WiFi.

    • From the notification bar of your android phone click on WiFi and hold for a while.
    • It will directly navigate you to WiFi’s saved network.
    • Else, go to Settings, select WiFi, tap on Saved Networks.
    • Hold for a long on the network you’re using.
    • Select on Delete/Forget option for your network connection.
    • Now, scan for your network and reconnect.

    Enable Safe Mode In Android:

    You can try booting your phone into safe mode. Actually, boot stage doesn’t allow any third-party apps to work while it is enabled. So, you can simply boot your phone into safe mode and check if the WiFi stays connected in safe mode.

    How Can You Boot into Safe Mode?

    It’s maybe familiar to you booting into safe mode. Though, some may not know the exact way. So, Let’s know how to restart your android phone into safe mode.

    • Press and hold for a while power button until it shows Power Menu (Power off, Airplane Mode & Reboot)
    • Now, long press on the Power Off button until you see Safe Mode option.
    • Press on Ok to boot into safe mode.
    • Again, press long and tap Power Off.
    • Turn on your Android device now pressing the power button.
    • When the phone is on, press on Menu/Homescreen button to dig into safe mode.
    • You can easily get out of Safe Mode restarting your phone.

    Get Updated Firmware For Your WiFi Router:

    Backdated firmware can be a cause for automatically disconnected and reconnected WiFi on your phone. So, the quick fix is updating the firmware. Follow the instructions to update router firmware.

    • Open Google Chrome from your PC.
    • Visit your router admin portal. Normally, It can be something like or or an IP address like
    •  Now, Login by entering the username and password. (Use Admin as username and password or admin as password if you already have not set any custom credential.)
    • Navigate to Advanced and then Administrator.
    • Select Firmware Update/Router Update Button
    • Now check for the available updates and click Yes/Ok to install.

    Once you are done with updating, scan for available wireless Networks on your phone and connect to the WiFi network.

    Check Out Lease Settings on WiFi Router:

    Lease time on a router is a specific time setting allowance for WiFi network users. Sometimes, your router’s lease time is set from forever for a few days or week. So, this can be a reason for automatically disconnecting and reconnecting issue. So, you can change the lease settings to solve this issue.

    • Login to your router account. (Follow the above point)
    • After logging into Router navigate to DHCP settings.
    • You’ll see lease time field there. Set the time to 24 hours if it is set forever.

    So, next time when you use WiFi on your phone probably you won’t face any disconnection problem on your android phone.

    Is Installed Antivirus or VPN Causing WiFi Disconnecting Problem:

    Do your phone have any antivirus or VPN enabled app? So, it can be a reason for your wireless network’s connection problem. The quick fix is to check if your android phone has any antivirus or VPN apps and uninstall them if installed already.

    Are You Running McAfee Mobile Security?

    When your Android phone is running any of McAfee mobile security kind of apps, your phone can face WiFi network connection problem. So, uninstalling them is a quick fix for sure. If still, you want to use McAfee mobile security then you can disable them while you are using WiFi.  But, sometimes disabling doesn’t work. So, users must have no way regardless uninstall them.

    Is Resetting WiFi Router to Default The Solution?

    As if no methods are working you can try a quick reset setting on your WiFi. Sometimes, default settings fix unavoidable issues.  Now, I will tell you a way to reset your WiFi router’s settings.

    How to Reset WiFi Router Settings to Default:

    You can reset your router settings to its default using dashboard. So, login to your router account as you already know how you can log in to your router account. Now, follow your router maker’s guide to reset it to default.

    There is another way to reset the router. Check out your router’s back you will find a reset button. Keep your router connected to the power outlet, Press the button until all the lights of router start flashing. So, the reset is done! Now, reconfigure your router and I hope you won’t face the problem next time.

    Is It The Time To Change Your Router?

    After trying the methods if the problem still happens so it is high time to change your router. Probably your router has lost its capability to use anymore. Sometimes, a defective router is the major reason for automatically disconnecting and reconnecting WiFi issue.