How to Fix Wi-Fi is stuck at Obtaining IP Address in Android


Sometimes, Android users can’t connect to Wi-Fi because of some unexpected issues. In this article, You will get instructions to fix wi-fi is stuck at obtaining IP address state in android phone.

When you connect an android device to a Wi-Fi zone, it obtains an IP address at first. If it fails, it disconnects and tries again. But, Sometimes, It may fail again and be stuck at the obtaining IP address stage forever. It can be very annoying especially when you need to connect to Wi-Fi in order to do some urgent tasks online. So, Knowing the solutions can help you in many ways. However, You should know which things can cause this problem. This will make easier to get rid of it.

This type of problems occurs when your Wi-Fi router has some issues. As a result, It fails to assign an IP to your Android device. It occurs in public Wi-Fi zone more. It may have two reasons. The poor signal is one. If you are a bit away from the router, you may not get the full signal and your device may experience difficulties to obtain an IP address. So, User may see that his/her phone is stuck at obtaining IP address. Another reason is, the maximum number of devices have been connected to the Wi-Fi zone. As a result, There is no available IP that the router can assign to additional Android devices.

This type of problems also occurs when someone has changed the security settings of the router. Else, There are other things that may cause this problem.

How to Fix Wi-Fi is stuck at Obtaining IP Address

Now, It’s time to know the solutions. The ways to resolve the problem are pretty simple. You must try them if you want to get rid of this problem.

1. Forget and Re-Connect:

Whenever you encounter obtaining IP address type problem, just make your phone forget the Wi-Fi zone and re-connect by using the proper password again. In many cases, It fixes the problem. If you don’t know how to do it:

  • At first, Go to Wi-Fi settings and look at the available zone list.
  • Tap on the problematic zone and hold, you will get some additional options. Choose Forget.
  • After that, Re-connect to that zone using the proper credential.

2. Restart Router:

Some routers have overheat issue like other electric devices. Some may become very slow if you run it for a long time. Though this is not very common it’s happening for some users. However, These things often cause failure to assign an IP to devices that request to connect to the router. In that case, A simple restart can fix wi-fi is stuck at obtaining an IP address problem that you usually encounter in your android phone.

3. Rename Device Name:

According to some users, this problem can be fixed by renaming your device name. So, You should give a try to see if it works. You can do it from settings.

4. Reset Network Settings:

If the problem source is your phone itself, resetting network settings can help to fix wi-fi is stuck at obtaining IP address. You can get the network reset option from the following location:

  • Settings > About > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

However, Different phones may have different locations. You can easily find it.

5. Set IP Address Manually:

This is another cool method to resolve this problem. You can manually set router IP address in wifi zone setting on your android phone. Hopefully, This will resolve the issue.

However, Here are the instructions to do it:

assigning IP, DNS android Wi-Fi manaully

  • First of all, Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi.
  • Now, From the wifi zone list, tap on the zone you are trying to connect and hold.
  • You should see some new options. From there choose Manage Network Settings.
  • Now, Tap on Show advanced options.
  • Then, From the IP settings, choose Static.
  • Now, Type IP, gateway, DNS manually and appropriately.
  • Done.

From now, You won’t encounter wifi is stuck at obtaining IP address problem. If you still face issues, follow next method.

6. Check Security Settings in Wi-Fi Router:

Sometimes, Security settings that you changed in your router may cause this type issues. In most cases, If you enable mac binding and don’t set other things properly, it may create connectivity problems. However, Do following things to troubleshoot wifi stuck at obtaining IP problem.

  • Disable Mac binding.
  • Disable IP reserve.
  • Enable DHCP and set an IP range correctly.
  • If nothing works, reset your router.

I hope doing above things will help you to fix wi-fi is stuck at obtaining IP address in android phone.