Fix Windows Explorer not Responding / Stopped Working

Fix Windows Explorer not Responding / Stopped Working

September 2, 2018 By alberto

    Windows users have to deal with some common issues regularly. Two of them are “windows explorer is not responding” and “has sopped working“. Both are similar. So, I will count them as a single issue. It was an everyday issue in XP. Windows 7 was quite good by not having this problem frequently. But Windows 10 and 8 users have to deal with this problem more frequently. Specially, It has become very common that windows users may face explorer not responding problem after right clicking on any folders, .zip or rar archived files. In this article, I will try to explain about this issue more and try to give you a solution to fix it easily.

    windows 7 explorer is not responding featured

    Reasons Behind Windows Explorer is not Responding Problem:

    There are several things that can cause this problem. The users who don’t update windows regularly are the main victim of it. Here are the things that cause this windows explorer problem –

    • Outdated windows.
    • Outdated security software.
    • Corrupted system files.
    • Problematic drivers.
    • Malware and other viruses.
    • Third-party incompatible programs.
    • Memory problems.

    How to Fix Windows “Explorer has Stopper Working” and “Is not Responding”:

    After knowing the reasons behind this problem, It is now easier to fix. Here are several methods you can try to get rid of Windows Explorer is not responding issue.

    Method 1: Update Windows and Video Driver

    Regularly, Microsoft releases its security updates for windows. Every update comes with several bugs fixes. So, It is wise thing to update your windows regularly. If you are not doing it and facing windows explorer has stopped working problem, You should update it right now. You will also need to update your device drivers. Because, Most of the times, Incompatible drivers cause this issue. You can update windows 7, 8 and 8.1 from Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update. But in Windows 10, You will need to do it from Start Menu > Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.

    device manager display adapters

    When you want to update your drivers, You will need to open windows device manager. To do it, Just open RUN by pressing Windows Key + R from your keyboard. Then type “devmgmt.msc and hit enter. Then, You will need to right click on video driver name and choose Update Driver Software and then choose your suitable options and follow next instructions. You should also update other drivers by this way.

    Method 2: Scan PC with Good Antivirus and Anti-malware Software

    Malicious activity in your PC can make windows explorer has stopped working problem worst. So, If you don’t have a good antivirus, Try to have one and scan your full PC. You also can try anti malware software. After scanning your PC, It will automatically remove any malicious files. It will help you to get rid of explorer hanging problems.

    Method 3: Run netsh and winsock reset Command

    Running these commands is helpful. You can try it to fix Windows explorer is not responding problem. To do it –

    • Right click on Start button and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Type netsh and hit Enter.
    • After that type winsock reset and hit Enter.
    • Then, You will need to restart your computer in order to complete the process.

    Doing these thing may fix your problem, If you are lucky. If not, Follow next methods.

    Method 4: Remove Unwanted / Recently Installed Programs

    Corrupted third-party programs are are responsible for windows explorer has stopped working problem. So, You will need to verify that you don’t have any unwanted software. If you face problems after recently installing a program, You may need to uninstall that. All of these things, You can do from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

    Method 5: Disable Unwanted Startup Programs and Services

    Excessive amount of startup programs (Which runs with windows startup) and third-party services can cause windows explorer not working or similar problems. In that case, You will need to disable some of them. To do it –

    • Open RUN and type msconfig and hit Enter.
    • Click on Services tab.
    • From the bottom, Check Hide all Microsoft services.

    services system config window

    • Now, Disable some unwanted services that you don’t need and click on Apply and OK.
    • After that, Right click on taskbar and choose Task Manager.
    • From task manager, Click on Startup.

    taskmanager startup programs disable

    • Now, Right click on an unwanted program and click on Disable. By this way, You can disable all unwanted programs.
    • Now restart your computer.

    I hope, After doing it, You won’t face any windows explorer hanging or similar problems.

    Method 6: Remove Some Unwanted Program menu from Registry List

    Corrupted shellex menus can cause windows explorer is not responding problem. In that case, You can remove some corrupted or unwanted menu from registry. To do it –

    • Open RUN and type regedit and hit enter.
    • Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > * > shellex > ContextMenuHandlers.
    • You will see some keys there. You can remove corrupted keys from there. Most of the times, 7 – ZIP, Winrar, Winrar32, Winzip, Advance System Care, Demon Tool etc. can be the culprit. So, If you find any of them you can remove them from there. But please, Backup Your Registry before doing it.

    Method 7: Fix Corrupted Registries

    If your registries are corrupted by any third-party unwanted programs or something else, You may face windows explorer not responding problem. To fix it, You will need to fix corrupted registries. There are several trusted third-party tools to do it. You can use them.

    Method 8: RUN SFC and DISM Commands

    If your system files are corrupted or some of them are missing, It is very possible of facing windows explorer hanging problems. So, You must run SFC and DISM commands. You can read: Fix Corrupted Windows System Files to know more details.

    Method 9: Troubleshoot Memory Problems

    Sometimes, Corrupted RAM modules may cause problems. Frequently, Hanging of windows explorer is a common sign of this problem. So, You will need to Run Windows Memory Diagnostic in order to find and fix RAM problems.

    Method 10: Windows Reset / Refresh

    If none of the above methods solve windows explorer has stopped working / is not responding problem, You will have only one option. That is resetting your windows.

    I hope, This article will help you to repair windows explorer not responding or similar problems. If you have any better method, You can share with u.