How to Fix Windows 10 Mail App not Syncing

How to Fix Windows 10 Mail App not Syncing

October 16, 2018 By alberto

    Sometimes, The default mail app for Windows 10 may not work properly. Sometimes, You may face sync related issues with it. So, This article aims to give you the solutions to fix windows 10 mail app not syncing problem.

    Many Windows users are using the default mail & calendar app as the primary email app. Sometimes, It may not show you various errors. Sometimes, It may not show you anything, but you will understand something is going wrong. This sync related issue is one of them. But, You can quickly get rid of this problem.

    Some common things may create this problem. If something prevents the mail app to use the internet, users will face this not syncing problem. Any internal error also may play the role to create this issue.

    Fix Windows 10 Mail App not Syncing

    Fortunately, You can resolve the sync problem of this mail app very quickly. At first, You should make sure that there is no problem with your email server or configuration. If everything is OK and your email is working well on the web platform, you can follow some solutions to fix windows mail app not syncing issue. Any of these methods will surely work.

    Solution 1: Check for Windows Update

    I know it is weird. But, Sometimes, You may notice that the default mail app is not syncing anymore. In that time, If you check for latest windows update and install any available updates, it will fix the problem.

    To update Windows, You can press Win + I on the keyboard. It will lead you to the settings window. From there, click on Update & Security and then Check for updates.

    Solution 2: Run Store App Troubleshooter

    If you encounter any windows store app related problem, you can run a particular troubleshooter. It fixes many common issues that prevent store apps from working correctly. As the default mail app for Windows 10 is a store app, it may solve the not syncing problem.

    To run Windows store app troubleshooter, follow these instructions.

    • At first, Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
    • Now, Find and click on Windows Store Apps.
    • Then, Click on Run the troubleshooter.
    • Follow onscreen instructions.

    Hopefully, It will resolve your problem.

    Solution 3: Disable Firewall and Antivirus

    Sometimes, Antivirus and firewall may block the connection for the mail app. As a result, you may encounter the synchronizing problem. So, You can disable the firewall or antivirus. Hopefully, It will help to get rid of your problem.

    Solution 4: Check Sync Settings

    In some cases, anything disables sync for mail app and your Microsoft account. So, You should check sync is enabled from here: Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings.

    You also should follow the instructions from this article. It may fix Windows 10 mail app not syncing error.

    Hopefully, These tips will help you.