How To Fix Error 80073CF9 On Windows Phone

September 4, 2018 By kirsten

    The number of Windows Phone users is increasing day by day. Though there are 2-3% of smartphone users are using Windows Phone. Sometimes Windows Phone users may feel not good because there are a few solutions are available online for Windows Phone error. On the other hands there are a huge numbers of solutions of Android and iOS. Anyway, don’t be upset Windows Phone users. I’m also a Windows Phone lover and i’m using a Windows Phone.

    windows phone error 80073CF9

    How To Fix Error 80073CF9 On Windows Phone


    Today, i’ll give you a solution of error 80073CF9 on Windows Phone. You might face this problem while updating any apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber etc. from Windows Store. This is a nightmare. Because this error 80073CF9 repeat frequently or continuously. Even many users failed to update their apps for this error. But no more frustration. I’ve come with a solution of Windows Phone Error 80073CF9. Anyway, lets discuss the solutions of  80073CF9 on Windows Phone.

    How To Fix Windows Phone Error 80073CF9-

    You have to follow a very few steps to solve this error.

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Check And Fix Your Region and Regional Format-

    At first go to Setting and Tap on Regions. If you find a different region which is not your region, change it your original region. Be sure that you are using proper region in your microsoft account.

    You also should select your regional format manually. Make sure, You have selected the right one.

    Step 2: Fix Your Location Setting-

    Go to Setting and Tap on Locations. Turn it On.

    Step 3: Fix Storage Setting-

    Go to Setting and tap on Storage Sense. Be sure your Apps default location is your Phone memory. If you find it’s your SD card. Just change Store New Apps On Phone. Before doing it move your problematic apps on phone.

    Now go to Windows Store and cancel all pending downloads. Restart your phone and try to update your apps again. I hope now you won’t face error 80073CF9 again. If your problem is fixed, you may move your apps on SD card again.

    Note: If your apps location is already phone memory, You can change it to SD card and see if it helps.

    How To Fix Error 80073CF9 On Windows Phone

    Method 2:

    Step 1: Turn Off Automatic Update

    • Open Windows Store and Go to Settings.
    • Now, Turn Off Update Apps Automatically, Only get updates over Wi-Fi and Use my location.

    Step 2: Clear Internet History and Data

    • Now, Open Internet Explorer.
    • Go to Settings and tap on Delete History.

    After doing these two things, Just restart your mobile. Now, Go to store, Cancel any pending downloads. Search and find the app from store. Then, Tap on Update. I hope, It will fix error 80073CF9 in your windows phone 8 / 8.1.

    Method 3:

    Soft reset your phone, if error 80073CF9 still exists after following method 1. To do it just press and hold your Volume Down Button+Power Button. You will feel vibration, then leave button. Your Phone will be restarted automatically. Now try to update your apps again.

    Alternative Method:

    If you can not fix windows phone error 80073CF9 by following all of the methods given above, you can reset your phone. To do it just go to Setting, Tap on About and tap on reset your phone. But remember, if you follow this step, you all of the file in phone memory will be deleted.