Fix Windows Phone Slow Performance Issue


The number of Windows Phone users is increasing day by day. If you look at the recent statistic, you can easily understand that windows phone has become one of these three major smartphone platforms now. So there are many users who want some solutions and tips for some issues of windows phone. Today, i’ll give some tips for window phone users. It is windows phone slow performance issue. Though windows phone perform much better than other platforms. Slowing down issue is not very frequent issue in windows phone. But sometimes it may perform very slowly. And now i’ll tell you how fix this windows phone slow performance issue.

Fix Windows Phone Slow Performance Issue

Reasons of Windows Phone Slow Performance Issue:

Normally it perform well. But some times it may make you disappointed. There are some reasons for slowing down windows phone.

1. Allowing many apps to run in background.

2. Installing so many apps.

3. Low disk space.

4. Lack of enough RAM.

5. Using multiple apps at same time.

How to Fix Windows Phone Slow Performance Issue:

There are some simple ways to fix windows phone slow performance issue. Lets know these ways-

1. Delete Unnecessary Files:

Delete some unnecessary files from your memory card and phone. Make sure you have enough free space. I recommend you to have more than 1 GB free space in memory card or phone.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

Uninstall some unnecessary apps from your phone. Don’t install so many apps.

3. Stop Some Apps Notifications:

Stopping some unnecessary notification by apps or games may increase windows phone performance. So it’s quite necessary to fix windows phone slow performance issue. To stop apps notifications

Go to Setting > notifications+actions

Then you will see some apps which give notifications. Tap on any apps.

Now disable Show in action center and unmark Show notification banners.

By this way stop some unnecessary notifications.

4. Disallow Some Apps to Run in Background:

Background running apps are responsible for windows phone slow performance. So disallow some of these apps to run in background. To do it

Go to Battery Sever > Usage

Now tap on some apps and disable Allow app to run in background.

5. Stop Other Accounts Sync:

Windows phone allows you to use other accounts like twitter, facebook, nokia, google along with microsoft account. I think you shouldn’t add these extra accounts along with microsoft account. That may reduce your windows phone performance. As a result you may experience windows phone slow performance issue.

All of these above are simple and basic way to fix windows phone slow performance issue. But if you want more faster performance you can follow alternative method.

Alternative Method:

You can boost your windows phone performance by resetting your phone. At first you can prefer soft reset. If soft reset doesn’t fix windows phone slow performance issue, you can prefer hard reset.

Soft Reset:

To do it Turn of your phone. Now switch it on. And press volume down+power button and hold until you feel a vibration. When you feel vibration release the buttons. You phone will automatically make a soft reset.

Hard Reset:

To do it Go to Setting > About. Now tap on Reset your phone. It may takes several minutes to finish the process.


I hope these tips will help you to fix windows phone slow performance issue. You can ask me about any windows phone issue by comment. Or You can discuss about any issue in our Xtremerain Forum.