How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at Downloading

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at Downloading

November 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are several things that can prevent you from updating windows. In this article, you are going to have some solutions to fix windows update stuck at downloading issue.

    The savvy users always keep their system up to date. Microsoft regularly releases updates for windows. Sometimes, You may see that windows update stuck at downloading. It may be stuck at 0% or any other point like 25%, 33% or even at 99%. This is a common problem. Especially, In windows 10, People encounter it more frequently. But, You can easily resolve this update download frozen problem.

    Fix Windows Update Stuck at Downloading

    Whenever you face this type of problem, it has some reasons. In most cases, It happens when a crucial windows communication component become corrupted or stopped. So, Tweaking a few things can help you to troubleshoot similar issues.

    How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at Downloading in Windows 10/8.1:

    When you face this type of problems, you should wait and keep patience. Also, Make sure you have a stable internet connection. If downloading windows update remains frozen after a long time, You should take steps to troubleshoot this problem. I’m going to provide you a few suggestions in order to get rid of update downloading issue. I hope these will help you. However, Before trying my solutions I would like to suggest you to verify that your times, date and region settings are correct. You also can disable firewall and antivirus to see if helps. Anyway, Here are the methods to follow.

    1. Windows Update Troubleshooter

    For any update problem, you can run windows update troubleshooter. It will fix the most common issues. So, After running it, you will have a good chance to get rid of update stuck at downloading problem. You can run this troubleshooter by following these instructions:

    • At first, You will have to press Win + I on the keyboard. It will open the Settings window.
    • Then, Navigate to Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Windows Update.
    • Follow the onscreen instruction.

    In most cases, It fixes windows update stuck issues.

    2. Software Distribution Folder

    If above method doesn’t work, you will have to delete or modify software distribution folder. This folder contains some update components which are very essential. If these components get corrupted, windows users usually encounter various update related problem. Fortunately, Windows can automatically create this folder and download components automatically if users delete or rename it. Doing this thing also can fix windows update stuck at downloading issue. However, Previously I have published a tutorial article about modifying this folder. You can read it: Steps to Delete or Modify Software Distribution Folder.

    3. Clean Boot:

    It is possible that any of the active third-party services is causing trouble in communication between windows and remote download server. As a result, Windows update remains unchanged at download stage. In this case, Performing clean boot can help. It disables all third-party services. In clean boot state, Windows update should not be stuck like before. However, It also helps to identify which service or program was causing the actual problem.

    4. Catroot2 Folder:

    If you encounter the same problem, resetting catroot2 folder may help. It is similar to software distribution folder. But, A bit different. So, You will have to be a bit tricky to reset catroot2 folder. However, Resetting it should fix windows update stuck at downloading problem.

    5. CHKDSK Command

    Do your hard drive has some issue? Are you experiencing slow performance problem? When hard disk has some common problem, windows may find it difficult to write something on it. As a result, Downloading something may not be going well like it should be. In that case, I recommend you to run chkdsk command to repaird hard disk error. Hopefully, It will fix windows update download stuck problem.

    6. SFC Command:

    This command usually fixes the common system file corruptions. I often suggest it to fix various windows errors. You also can run this command as administrator to see if it helps.

    • At first, Open start menu and type cmd.
    • Then, Right click on it and choose Run as administrator.
    • Then run the following command:

    sfc /scannow

    • After completing the process, restart your computer. You can find more details on here.

    However, I hope doing these things will repair windows update stuck problem.

    These are the most common and working methods for update related problems. If you still need help, you may try to download using a different internet connection and see if it helps.