Fix Windows Won’t Shut Down Correctly – Power Light Stays On

Fix Windows Won’t Shut Down Correctly – Power Light Stays On

October 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Sometimes, Windows may not shut down completely. As a result, You may see that power lights are still on. In this article, You will get in touch with some awesome methods which can help you to “fix windows won’t shut down correctly”.

    If you have a PC / Laptop, It makes your works more easier. But, It also can be worse. There are various problems users are facing everyday. Specially, The most popular operating system windows has more problems. The latest windows 10 is great in performance and features. It is also worst for nasty problems that users are facing everyday. Specially, After upgrading from an old windows or installing major updates like anniversary or creators update, Users may face some unexpected problems. For some users, Major updates almost damage everything. But, It will make you more frustrated when you can’t even turn off your computer properly.

    Fix Windows Won't Shutdown Correctly

    Sometimes, You can see that your computer’s power lights are on or blinking after shutdown. Again, You may notice that your PC goes to sleep mode instead of shutting down. Anyway, You can get rid of this kinds of problems so easily.

    How to Fix Windows Won’t Shut Down Correctly:

    Actually, Shutdown issue can be a result of both software and hardware problem. Fortunately, Both are fixable. Here are a few methods that you can try to get rid of this issue.

    1. Turn Off Fast Startup:

    Fast startup was first introduced in windows 8. Now, This is one of the core features of Microsoft windows which is helpful to boot even faster. But, This cool feature can be a reason shutdown problem for some older PC or laptops. So, When you face any shutdown issue in windows 10 or 8.1, I suggest you to turn off fast startup temporary. Here are the instructions to do it:

    • First of all, Press Windows + X from keyboard and choose Power Options. But, If you don’t see such option there, You can navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\Power Options.
    • Now, Click on Choose what power buttons do.
    • Then, Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.

    • Now, Uncheck Turn on fast startup (Recommended).
    • Save the settings and restart your computer.
    • Check, If it fixes windows won’t shut down properly problem.

    2. Fix Wrong Power Settings:

    Sometimes, You may notice that your PC is going in sleep mode instead of shutting down. This problem happens mainly because of wrong power settings. If you are experiencing similar problem, Follow these steps.

    • Open power settings like before.
    • Now, Click on Choose what power buttons do.
    • This time, Set the power buttons actions properly. For example, Set “When i press the power button:” to Shut down for both battery and plugged in.
    • After doing it, You should not face any more shutting down issue in windows.

    3. Re-Install a Few ACPI Drivers:

    The full form of ACPI is Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. So, You are understanding that all ACPI drivers are related to power settings. If you experience any shutdown issue and first two methods fail to resolve it, You can try this method. By reinstalling ACPI drivers, You can fix windows won’t shut down properly issue. Here are the instructions.

    • At first, Open RUN by pressing Win + R from keyboard.
    • Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
    • Now, Find and expand System Devices.
    • Right click on ACPI Fixed Button Feature Button and choose Uninstal. By this way, Uninstall ACPI Power Button too.
    • After doing these things, Restart your computer. Windows will automatically detect the missing drivers and install them again.

    Sometimes, Doing these things can be helpful to solve windows 10 / 8 shutdown problems.

    4. Run Troubleshooter:

    Sometimes, This can be a common issue of specific windows build. So, MS has just released an update to resolve this problem. But, You may not be aware of it. Even, You don’t see any updates available when you check for latest updates. In that case, Running windows troubleshooter may fix your problem. Personally, I saw many peoples reported similar problems in many forums and fixed that by running troubleshooter. So, I also suggest you to do it.

    • First of all, Navigate to Control Panel\System and Security and click on Troubleshoot common computer problems.
    • Now, Run Windows Update troubleshooter. You also can run Power Troubleshooter.
    • After that, Check for latest windows update and install it.

    5. Fix Corrupted System Files:

    Windows shutdown problem also can be a result of corrupted or missing system files. Running SFC and DISM commands can repair these system files issue. This is another working way to fix windows won’t shut down properly issue. Read: How to Fix Corrupted System Files.

    6. Perform Clean Boot:

    Performing clean boot will disable all third-party services of your PC. So, It can be helpful to know if any third-party program or service is creating shutdown problem or not. So, I suggest you to perform clean boot. You also can boot into safe mode. If everything is OK in clean boot, I suggest you to uninstall the recently installed / updated programs. Then, See if it helps.

    CMOS BIOS Battery

    7. Give Up? Give Final Effort to Fix Power Lights are Still On after Shutdown:

    If none of the methods given above don’t work, It is more likely a hardware issue. Personally, I have faced similar issue. Fortunately, I had Ubuntu installed along with windows 10. At first, I though that it was an issue of windows. But, I was facing same problems with ubuntu too. My laptops power lights were still open even after shutdown. Sometimes, These were blinking when fast startup was enabled. This kind of problems can be a reason of CMOS battery problem. So, There are actually two things you can do.

    1. Remove Laptop Battery and Run in AC Mode:

      This is the first thing you can do, If you believe this shutdown problem is due to hardware issue. At first, Remove your laptop battery and run it on AC power only. Then, Try to shut down and see, If it turns off correctly or not. If yes, Insert your laptop battery again and run it normally and see, If everything works correctly.

    2. Re-insert CMOS Battery:

      If first one fails, You still have this option to fix laptop is not shutting down correctly problem. But, I recommend you not to do it by yourself, If you don’t have previous experience. Normally, Re-Inserting the CMOS BIOS battery should fix your PC’s shutdown problem. But, If it doesn’t help, You can buy a new battery and replace the older one.

    Sometimes, A clean windows installation can fix shutdown problem of your laptop or PC. So, Before replacing the BIOS battery, You can consider re-installing windows.