Fix WordPress Site Facebook Thumbnail Problem


Facebook thumbnail problem for WordPress site is very common. Not showing thumbnails, showing incorrect thumbnails or showing incorrect thumbnail size are the common the common symptoms of this problem. There are many WordPress users who face this problem frequently. And may be they are so much tired to find a perfect solution of Facebook thumbnail problem. Now i’ll try to give you some effective solutions to fix Facebook thumbnail problem for WordPress site.

facebook thumbnail problem wordpress fix

Why Facebook Thumbnail Problem for WordPress Site:

It has some common reasons. May be you have not created any Facebook apps for your WordPress site and didn’t put any SDK JS in your header. But frequently Facebook thumbnail problems for WordPress site occur for some plugins. Jetpack and WordPress SEO are of them. Because jetpack and WordPress seo by yoast use open graph. And Facebook also use it. As a result an issue may be created. Anyway, you can check your site by Facebook deugger from here. If you find any issue, you have to fix them. Otherwise, you may experience any issue with your site and Facebook.

How to Fix Facebook Thumbnail Problem for WordPress site:

I’ll give you 3 methods to fix Facebook thumbnail problem for your website based on WordPress cms.

Method 1: Put SDK JS in Header

First of all, you need to create an Facebook app for your website from here. After creating app you will get SDK java script for your site. Copy that code and paste in your header.php

If you already did it, you don’t need to do it further.

Method 2: Stop OG Tag of Jetpack 

Sometimes, you may face Facebook thumbnail problems for Jetpack plugin. Jetpack is an awesome WordPress plugin. So you can’t ignore this plugin. So you need to find a solution. The solution is you have to stop jetpack OG tag. OG mean open graph. To do it you have to copy this code add_filter( 'jetpack_enable_opengraph', '__return_false', 99 ); and paste it in your theme’s function.php

You may also add this code below 

// remove Jetpack og tags

Method 3: Remove Facebook Page Link From WordPress SEO

This is another possible solution to fix Facebook thumbnail problem of WordPress site. I faced thumbnail problem and fixed the problem by this method. So you can try this method.

To do it go to your WordPress site admin dashboard>SEO>Social

delete facebook page link facebook thumbnail problem fix

Now delete your Facebook page link and save changes.

Then check your site by Facebook debugger and see there is no problem.

Hopefully, all of these methods will help you to fix facebook thumbnail problems for WordPress site. May be you can get better solution from wordpress seo and jetpack plugin support forum.

If you have any question, don’t forget to ask me by comment.