How to Fix Xbox Error 80072ef3

How to Fix Xbox Error 80072ef3

October 17, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Microsoft’s product Xbox is awesome in one word. This is a well popular name among the game lovers. But Xbox lovers sometimes may stuck on an error. That is error 80072ef3. This error code appears during sign in to Xbox live. This error indicates there is a problem with your network.

    solutions for Error 80072ef3 xbox live

    This error appears with following message “Sorry There was a problem, Please Try again later Code:80072ef3”. It can be fixed like others Xbox error.

    Fix Xbox Error 80072ef3:

    This error can be fixed by several methods. I’ve divided these into two categories. One is basic method. Another one is advanced method. Now you will know about these methods.

    Basic Methods to Fix Error Code  80072ef3:

    1. Reconnect Internet: At first you can disconnect your internet connection. Then connect it again. Now try to login into Xbox live and see if this works for you.
    2. Restart Xbox Console: Reconnecting internet connection doesn’t solve error code 80072ef3, Then you can follow this step. You will just need to restart your Xbox console. To restart your console press and hold Xbox guide button. Then select turn off console. Now press A. It will shut down your console.
      Now press and hold Xbox guide button. It will turn on your console. Normally, Restarting Xbox console should fix this error.

    Advanced Methods to Fix Error 80072ef3:

    Only advanced way is clearing system cache. It should fix this Xbox error. Normally, You don’t need to follow this advanced method. Because, Basic methods are enough to fix this error 80072ef3. You should try this method only when you fail with two methods mentioned above. Anyway, Let’s know how you will clear Xbox system cache.

    • Go to Settings > System Settings > Storage > Highlight Storage device.
    • Press Y > Clear System Cache.
    • Select Yes.

    It will clear your system cache clearly. It also fix xbox live error 80072ef3.

    source: fixerrs