Fluid TV viewing thanks to Sky Q Box

Fluid TV viewing thanks to Sky Q Box

November 27, 2015 By alberto

    Sky Q Box is the latest novelty presented by Sky. Now we will have a chance to learn more about Fluid TV and eventually start using it. Sky has finally decided to unveil the latest entertainment system known as Sky Q. This brand new system is basically a range that contains different set top boxes, applications and hubs that are combined through Internet TV and satellite TV.

    Fluid TV will instantly become a hit

    The Fluid TV system has been based on the so-called fluid viewing. This means that all of the customers who buy this TV system can have an opportunity to watch a plethora of programs on several different screens, and for example, they can pause the show the show that they are watching in one room, and afterwards keep on watching the show in a different room.

    Various options

    If you decide to buy the Fluid TV entertainment system, you will have the chance to download all kinds of programs on your tablet and watch them anywhere, anytime. Some interactive applications such as Vevo and YouTube are going to become available through this novel entertainment system. There will be some other apps that will eventually be part of the innovative Fluid TV system.

    SKY’s CEO speaks about Fluid TV

    Jeremy Darroch, the CEO of Sky, decided to give a statement about Fluid TV. What he stated is that Sky wanted and tried to reimagine television, so it finally becomes seamless and flexible on different TV screens. At this moment, the TV industry has started to become extremely competitive, especially in the USA, with all the different tech companies such as Google, the latest trend – Netflix, Amazon and Apple. All of these top technology brands offer products on the Internet.

    Andrew Olson’s statement

    Andrew Olson, the director for new products at Sky, stated that the employees in Sky believes that experience cannot be just created without controlling software and hardware, and thus, Sky decided to bring this novel experience for its customers through Fluid TV. This entertaining system is going to attract a lot of new viewers, especially young people. It is innovative and the perfect way to control both software and hardware.

    Fluid TV through Sky Q Boxes

    The Sky Q boxes are going to become Wireless hotspots that will be connected through the electrical wiring in your home. Spokesmen for Sky stated that Fluid TV might become a real hit in a short period of time. This entertainment system is going to become available for anyone who is willing to try it. Sky Q shall become available in Ireland and the United Kingdom in 2016. So far, the pricing of the Fluid TV program is still unknown.