3 Ways High Tech Foam Mattresses Are Changing Your Snoozing Habits

3 Ways High Tech Foam Mattresses Are Changing Your Snoozing Habits

October 17, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The novelist Tom Clancy once said: “There was a time when nails were high-tech. There was a time when people had to be told how to use a telephone. Technology is just a tool. People use tools to improve their lives.” Now take a look around: high-tech products and services are part of almost every aspect of our life. I’d say technology is not just a tool anymore, but a partner for our well-being.

    Ingenious inventions are designed to help us improve our lifestyle, especially when it comes to vital areas such as nutrition or sleeping. Thus, we can enjoy smart beds with fantastic features! They can calibrate the temperature or their firmness level so that we could get a healthy rest. Two people sleeping in the same bed can appreciate different options of support, heat, and hardness, according to their preferences. And the list goes on.

    Mattress manufacturers are now thinking about safety and environment more than they used to, especially in the case of memory foam products. The traditional foam mattresses fabrication process was guilty of emitting toxic substances into the air. A revolutionary technique called VPF (variable pressure foaming) tends to replace the old-fashioned method, claiming to have zero emissions. Organically-developed products (with no pesticides or other unsafe substances in them) are making their way on the market as well.

    This fantastic evolution of the mattress industry has considerable consequences on our snoozing habits. The way we rest is essential for our health; with the assistance of smart products or applications we can now revel in various advantages offered by our high-tech mattresses, such as:

    Controlled temperature and safety

    With the help of the Celliant fiber or the graphite-infused latex technology, mattresses can adjust the temperature of the surface we sleep on during the night. Celliant is a modern material made of various thermo-reactive minerals, with the property of converting the extra body heat into infrared light. According to science, this action has proven to be highly beneficial for our body during sleep. The graphite-infused latex technology allows the mattress to adjust its temperature, also considering our body heat. So instead of tossing in bed or throwing away your duvet when feeling too hot, you can benefit from an uninterrupted and relaxing sleep. Also, you’ll be glad to know that most mattress manufacturers have started considering your safety: they began producing plant-based foam mattresses. They are a novelty on the market now, but will probably become a massive hit in the years to come. Their main advantage is that they are eco-friendly and designed using methods and materials that don’t present any danger to the ones using them.

    Customized firmness and support for each sleeper

    A highly demanded feature in modern mattresses is the dual zone technology. It was a luxury trait in the beginning, but now it’s becoming more affordable. Manufacturers took into consideration the couples’ dilemma: one partner needs more support, a firmer or warmer surface for a good rest, while the other one wishes for softness and a cooler bed. The dual zone technology makes it possible for each sleeper to command their side of the bed according to personal preferences. The process is usually controlled with smart apps. Everything becomes easy this way: there’s no need for you to look for additional support for your spine, hips, neck or shoulders. There’s no more arguing with the partner on who gets the softer part of the bed! And the benefits don’t stop here. You can easily find out everything you need to know about them checking out these memory foam beds reviewed online and analyzing unbiased reports from users.

    Management of the room environment

    The newest high-tech mattress models take it a big step further: why control just your position in bed when we are already in the era of smart homes? Thus, they are designed to communicate with other Wi-Fi enabled devices in your house (mainly the ones in your bedroom), freeing you from doing various actions. They can control the lights in the room or turn the music off after you’ve fallen asleep. They can lower the temperature by accessing the thermostat or even lock the doors. They can even adjust your bed position while you are enjoying your favorite TV show. With the help of their managing smart apps, they will wake you up at the best morning time and just before doing that they will alert your coffee maker that it is time to prepare your espresso. As you can see, everything is outlined to simplify and ease our lives with the help of modern technology. All you have to do is enjoy it!