Foldable Phones Revived with a Modern Twist

Foldable Phones Revived with a Modern Twist

January 29, 2019 By ellen

    Cellphones have evolved over the years covering so many functions and designs. But, the flip phone might be making a come back.

    Old Style Phones: Its Beginnings

    Phones in the 1980s were big and bulky. Then, as the years went on into the nineties, thinner and foldable became very popular. Also, the idea of mobility with a phone wasn’t a possibility because the phones were too large.

    Blackberry Appeal

    In the attempt to create a smartphone device, the Blackberry-with an uncovered screen-came out in 2003. It was popular with its email capability and texting. It also had a camera-precursor to taking selfies.

    Flip Phone Popularity

    The foldable phone is something that was very popular in the 1990s. Everyone had a flip phone or blackberry. Touch screens were a possibility for a cell phone, but it wasn’t perfected yet. A flip smartphone was on the verge of what we have today.

    RAZR Motorola: Thin and Stylish

    Now, having a cell phone is like carrying around a computer. You can do work on it, text, and conduct business transactions. In 2005 and 2006, the RAZR by Motorola was thin and stylish. It was a flip phone device with a larger screen. Everyone had one as this was the precursor to smart phone devices.

    Revive Old Style Phones

    There is a trend to revive old-style phones in the modern era. A flip smart phone is coming out in the same style as the Motorola but in an updated version of the RAZR Motorola phone. The flip phone may become the most stylish phone from a blast from the past. Why not bring it back with a modern twist? The big change is that on the inside of the phone the old combination of screen and buttons have been replaced with a single long,folding screen.

    Out of the Ashes Flip Phone Devices

    The foldable RAZR gained in popularity because it was thin and fashionable in the look and appeal with the screen. The first iPhone in 2007 came out, and the touch screen phone was modeled after a tablet computer. Now, in 2019, a past favorite is rising out of the ashes with the smart phone appeal and style. It will be a flip phone device as well.