How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive

How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive

September 22, 2018 By alberto

    We use removable storages for various purposes. Sometimes, We may face difficulties while formatting them. This guide is about the ways to format unformattable flash drives easily.

    Sometimes when we try to format pen drive or memory card, it may show an error. Usually, You may see an error message something like the following one.

    Windows was unable to complete the format.

    It is because the flash drive is write protected, corrupted or virus affected. Most of the time we become disappointed by facing this problem. But, Some techniques will turn the message “Unable to format” into “unable to stop me” in your mind. So let’s know the exciting solutions.

    Format Unformattable Flash Drive

    How To Format unformattable Flash Drive

    If your flash drive is not physically damaged, these methods will surely work.

    Method 1: Format Corrupted Flash Drive

    This method will help if your USB storage drive seems corrupted or there is an issue rather than any physical damage. Here are the steps to follow,

    STEP 1:

    • To format the unformattable USB flash drive, you have to Connect it to PC.
    • Then run Command Prompt as Administrator. To do this process go to start menu and type cmd and right click on the command prompt and then select run as administrator.

    STEP 2: 

    • Now type DISKPART and press enter.
    • After doing it type LIST DISK.
    • Now you will see the storage disk list as DISK 0 and DISK 1. You will also see the disk size. Now type SELECT DISK 2 and press enter. I’ve typed SELECT DISK 2 because DISK 2 is my pen.
    • At last, type CLEAN and press enter.

    How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive

    STEP 3: 

    You have done 99%. Now you need to complete the last step.

    • Just go to Control Panel > System and Security.
    • Now, Click on “Create and format hard disk partitions.”
    • Now, Find and select the unallocated storage of the flash drive and right click on it.
    • Then, Select New Simple Volume and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • Now, Format the unformattable flash drive. You won’t encounter the problem anymore.

    How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive

    Method 2: Format Write Protected Flash Drive

    Sometimes, You see “The disk is write protected” while formatting a pen drive or memory card. In this case, This method will help you. Here the things, you will need to follow.

    • At first, Open the command prompt as administrator.
    • Now, Type diskpart and press enter, and then type list disk and press enter like before.
    • Then, Select the flash drive by running the command select disk 2. Here, Disk 2 is my pen drive. For you, it can be disk 1 or disk 3 or anything else.
    • Now, Type attributes disk clear readonly and hit enter.
    • After that, Format the flash drive. You won’t face any problem again.

    Hopefully, These two methods will help you a lot.

    Watch How To Format Unformattable Pen Drive

    So, These are the methods to format an unformattable flash drive. If you know any other way to do it, you can let us know in the comment box.