How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive


Sometimes when we try to format pen drive it shows an error. We can’t format that pen drive. It is because of the flash drive is write protected or virus affected. Most of the time we become disappointed by facing this problem. But now i’ll tell you a technique. The message “Unable to format” will turn into “unable to stop me” in your mind. So lets know the interesting solution.


Format Unformattable Flash Drive

How To Format unformattable Flash Drive:

It is very easy but uncommon process. Hopefully it will be common technique for visitors. Anyway friends lets know the process.



STEP 1: To format a unformattable usb flash drive you have to Connect it with PC. Then run Command Promt as Administrator. To do this process go to start menu and find cmd.exe and right click on it then select run as administrator. If you are a windows 8 or windows 8.1 user, you need to open metro menu and type cmd. You will find command promt. Then just click on it by right button of your mouse and select run as administrator.


STEP 2: Now type DISKPART and press enter. After doing it type LIST DISK. Now you will see the storage disk list as DISK 0 and DISK 1. You will also see the disk size. Now type SELECT DISK 1 and press enter. I’ve typed SELECT DISK 1 because DISK 1 is my pen drive as i’m confirmed by knowing it’s size. And now just type ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY and press enter. At last type CLEAN and press enter.

How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive

STEP 3: You have done your primary step. Now you need to complete the second step. Just go to Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools>create and format hard disk partitions. Now select DISK 1 and right click on it. Select New Simple Volume and follow the instruction. Now Check. You have formatted your usb storage drive which was unformattable.

How To Format Unformattable Flash Drive


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I hope you all have understood it and have no problem. If you have any question, please ask me by comment.

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